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This page aims to be a comprehensive patch guide to record and stay up to date with the changes made to the game. Please link patches to their related Reddit threads.


Misc changes 4/25 - 4/26/17

  • Bone Crusher now weighs 500lbs
  • In the works 'body' command that lists what you are wearing and will "soon display AC"

4/24/17 "Great attack speed buff/nerf of 2k17"

  • Ring of Swift Strikes - removed
   Players compensated 150k for each in their inventory or home.
  • Tweaked racial attack-speed caps
    • Kalidemons: 2.0/sec
    • Hydras: 3.0/sec
    • Stone giants: 3.0/sec
    • Other giants: 3.2/sec
    • Panthers: 5.0/sec
    • Leopards: 5.5/sec
    • Pixies: 8.0/sec
    • Everyone else: 4.0/sec just like before
   "Most players should hit their max attack speed at weapon skill 40" and "The most important thing to keep in mind is: I'm not done with balancing!"
  • Stone Giants Immune to Petrification

4/22/17 / 4/23/17 Armor Bugfixes & Stensele Facelift

  • Fixed the enchanted AC overriding the changes made in the previous patch
  • (unfixed) Chain armor and other "complex AC" items have no "generic AC" so it won't protect from things like fire(an maybe other elements?)
  • "Complex AC" items did not handle enchants properly applying the enhanced AC to only one type of damage i.e. cut stab etc. Now enchants apply to all ACs
  • Max enchant is raised to +10
    • (Reagents for +10 are hard if not impossible to come by at the time of this update)
   "I like it at +10 because:
   -increases the rarity curve even more
   -parity with built-in enchantments
   -with the new AC computation, it's not broken
   -10 is such a nice number, as you point out"

4/21/17 Armor Buffs and round 1 of Dwarf Buffs

  • Most hard armor AC is now roughly double what it used to be. E.g platemail went from AC 20 to AC 40.
  • Most shields are now triple what they used to be. On average they went from AC 7 to AC 21.
  • DSM is now either 40 or 50 depending on the armor (used to be 20 to 30). Similar to platemail, but it's lighter than platemail and provides immunities.
  • Ancient DSM is all AC 100 now. (Was all 30 before). Keep in mind that it only protects your torso.
  • Most cloaks were not affected, but lion cloak, wolf cloak, and cloak of protection all went up nearly double.
  • Leather and similar materials were generally only raised a little bit. No cloth armor went up in AC except (I think) the Wizard Hat, which went up a little.
  • Dwarves now have 25% resistance to nearly all damage types

4/18/17Rak Lion Buff

  • Lions now have Free Action and Iron Will by default. That means:
    • Immunity to fear
    • Immunity to slow
    • Immunity to paralysis
    • Immunity to confusion
   "I'm guessing we still won't see many lions, but... at least they have a better signature ability now. Even pixies aren't immune to fear.
   Panthers and leopards both of course need complete overhauls -- that's still in the works."

4/18/17 Hi-Score Changes & QP requirements Pixie Atk Speed Buff

  • Leader Boards are now 100% exp based
  • QP requirements for 45 and 50 are now 500 and 550 respectively (there are 552 non-sokoban QP in the game)
  • Pixie Attack speed is now 8.0 max

4/12/17 Misc Buffs/ Naga "Fix"

  • Misc Buffs
    • Raks now get 2 wc per level. They go from wc 10 at level 1, to wc 108 at level 50.
    • Hofud the Sword (100 lb) is now wc 65.
    • The Annihilator Axe is now down to wc 45 -- but it's 1-handed.
  • Naga Fix
    • Bracers are now enchantable again
    • Kalidemons can no longer wield weapons or shields
    • Kalidemons and Hydras both start with a lower WC than before, and it scales up every 5 levels.
      • Hydra has wc 8, at level 20, and adds 2 points of wc every 5 levels, up to a maximum of wc 20 at demigod.
      • Kalidemon has wc 10 (cut) at level 24, and it goes up by 3 points every milestone level until it caps at wc 25 cut at demigod

4/5/17 Reduced magic resists on Mobs

  • "I've reduced or eliminated the resist-magic property on most monsters in the game. For monsters that already had a resist-cut, stab or smash, I generally reduced their resist-magic down to that level. If they did not have melee resistance I usually removed their magic damage resistance as well, or for certain magical monsters limited it to just 20%."
  • Destruction Spell damage calculation was (80 + death * 2) and is now (death * 2)