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Rakshasas cannot wear gloves or shields, but they can wear socks on their tails to offset this.

Rakshasa natural WC calculation is (2 * Your level) + 6

Rakshasa ninjas gain +2 WC per ninja level when unarmed.

Despite their appearance, Spiked Gauntlets and Kinetic Gauntlets are not wieldable Rakshasa weapons.


  • If the weapon's WC is something other than Cut damage, then your natural WC is added to that damage. So claws that are WC stab will have their stab damaged enhanced by your natural WC.
  • Multi-WC weapons are supported (e.g. Hunter's Claws, Claws of Taraka), and each WC of the weapon gets 1/N of your natural WC. We are tweaking and tuning the values to make sure multi-WC weapons are balanced with respect to single-WC weapons, so play around with it.
  • WC = item WC + 6 + (2 * Your level)

Name WC Damage type Base Shop Value (gp) Enchantable Spd/dam/dur/acc Hands Effect
Claws bronze.png Bronze Claws 8 Cut 1000 Yes Yes 2
Claws royal.png Claws of Sherekhan 20 Magic  ? no no 2 +2 spirit

+2 meditation

+10 SP

Claws gold.png Claws of Taraka 15 stab, 15 fire, 15 shock Magic  ? no no 2 Move speed -10

Slay snake

Claws diamond.png Diamond Claws 14 Cut 5000 Yes Yes 2
Claws fire.png Ember Claws 15 fire Fire 5000 no no 2
Claws ice.png Glacier Claws 15 cold Cold 5000 no no 2
Claws hunter.png Hunter's Claws 10 Stab, 10 Smash Stab, Smash 10000 Yes Yes 2
Electrinum claws.png Primal Electrinum Claws 13 shock 8 cut Shock Cut  ? yes no 2 +1 air
Sokoban Claws.png Sokoban Claws 28 Cut no no 2 +3 Unarmed

+3 Find weakness

Claws steel.png Steel Claws 10 Cut 2000 Yes Yes 2

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