Astor Kremly, the Second Seer

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Astor Kremly, the Second Seer
Type Human
Threat Level 25
Spellcaster No
Spells None
Resistances Smash, Fire, Shock, Cold, Magic, Cut, Acid, Stab
Immunities Fear, Death, Confusion, Petrify, Paralysis, Charm, Slow
Loot Havishfel Guild Badge-Exile (cursed)
Zoology Lore A wealthy denizen of Havishfel gone mad. Astor Kremly claims to have seen a vision-dream of the coming doom of Wyvern.

An extremely skilled warrior bestowed with an evil blessing. Do not try to fight him alone.

Warning; Astor Kremly is a quest related NPC that at time of writing (9/8/2022) is not fully implemented. He can be killed for his guild badge and lore continuation, but he hits very hard and should only be assaulted with caution. His HP pool is significantly higher than any other Threat Level 25 enemy, and he is able to defeat multiple summoned archangels before death.