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list of useful text commands:

shout <text> the main command used to speak . using shout commands prints your text for all players to see.

say <text> same as shout command. but your text is only printed to those in your immediate vacinity/same room.

talk <text> used mainly for interaction with NPC or quest related speech.

give <item_name> to <NPC/Player_name> gives an item to anoter character. you can only give items to another players if the item has a value of ?less than 100*need confirmation. can be useful for sharing reagents/arrows.

stash <all/item_name> tried to put all unkept items in first bag/pouch of item type.

adjust <item_name> <0-99> changes the location of an item in your inventory to set number

cast <spell_name> casts the spell in the direction your character is facing

apply apply <item> can work for various items and have different effects depending on selected item. eg apply <full_name_of_wand> will cast it in same direction, apply unicorn horn will try to dispel negative effects, and applying levers will interact with them. specific quest items/structures requires you to apply them to activate their effect.

where prints out the name of map/random dungeon floor the player is currently in.

refund <item> attempt to refund a recently bought store item for the full price the player had paid. this works for any bought items to any store ingame, even if its not the same one you bought your item from.

dispel <all/spell_name> dispels and prematurely ends the effect of specific spell. note that potions/scrolls cant be dispeled* need confirmation.

autocast <all/spell_name> keeps specific spells effects always-on on the player by casting the spell in a loop whenever it expires.

follow <player_name> group <player_name> these two commands allow two players to form a party or group. this has effects on being allowed in the same map together, sharing kill experience , and allowing spells/buffs to be cast/recieved from party memebers

buffs <on/off> permits or denies buffs be cast on oneself from a group memeber. it has to be on to be able to cast on others.

<fly>/<land> storm giant racial ability to fly or land

sell <all/name_of_item> sells the item to the shop. must be in shop to work.

<fish> must have fishing pole weileded. must have fising permit. attempts to catch fish from specified fishing areas.

?<mine> ?