Ellina Suhandy

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Ellina Suhandy

Ellina has been the game's primary artwork contractor since 2016. She has produced much of the most familiar artwork in Wyvern, including (but not limited to):

  • The banner artwork on the website.
  • All the game's player races and guild artwork (over 1000 images total)
  • Major remodels for several of Wyvern's cities and towns
  • Dozens of monsters
  • Dozens of Hall of Fame images
  • Many hundreds of Builder Mode items, including all the new trees, scenery, and holiday items
  • All Sokoban-gear artwork
  • Many objects you see around town, such as the vending machines.

Ellina may not be the cheapest option out there -- but she produces uniformly great work, and if you like her style, she's worth every penny.


Here is a partial sampling of her artwork.

Dioxide giant.S.png Rhialto droid.png Sokoban rhialto.png Heqet giant.S1.png Nagalinh.S.png Catlinh.S.png Destinedyee.S.png Wifey giant.S.png Tiristana.S2.png Destinedyee.S.png Leafy.S.png

Dreadclaw.S.png Onryo.S.png Hezrou.S.png Archangel.S.png Kirin.S.png Yojimbo.png Cthulhu.png