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Wyvern Glossary

Please help fill in terms.

AC -- Armor Class.

AOLS -- Amulet of Lifesaving. If wearing one, you will not lose XP when you die, but it will disappear after saving you.

AD -- Arch Dracolich, one of the tougher enemies in the game.

AH -- Auction House. A designated area for players to buy and sell items amongst themselves.

AV -- Ancient Vesimas, a high-level area in the bay south of Minath Elion.

BRMA -- Blackrose Mage Arena, a popular player-vs-player fight arena in Blackrose City.

CoA -- A popular quest, Cult of Aquator, in Ancient Vesimas.

DoT -- Department of Transportation. Most cities have one. They have pay teleporters to take you to other cities.

Dpro -- Death protection, may refer to Amulet of Death Protection.

Dray -- Death Ray, a powerful spell that can kill you instantly.

DSM -- Dragon Scale Mail, a popular and powerful form of body armor. RDSM = red, GDSM = gray (usually, or green), BDSM = blue, etc.

FW -- Find Weakness.

GP -- Glacier Point, a city in the snowy wingtip in the Northeast of Wyvern.

HoF -- Hall of Fame: 25th level. Comes with various perks, and is considered the "endgame" for all but the most hardcore players.

IAP -- In App Purchase, the industry-standard term for paying for stuff with real money. In Wyvern, Crowns are the IAP "premium currency".

Imp Crown -- Imperial Crown of Samhoc. It is a powerful artifact helmet fancied by mages and obtained from the Ruins of Samhoc.

LQ -- Live Quest. A real-time, interactive quest, usually involving everyone collaborating to kill a large monster. Will appear again in Wyvern someday.

MAH -- Minath Auction House, the most popular place for buying and selling items. Also a social hub.

MT -- Mis-tell. When someone accidentally uses the wrong channel.

NV -- New Verden, newbie town.

PK -- Player Killing. Wyvern requires both parties to consent to PK. You can do it in arenas, or by joining the PK Guild in Glacier Point.

pot -- A potion. Wyvern has about 35 kinds of potions you can drink for their magical effects.

R -- Rhialto, the creator and primary developer of Wyvern.

RD -- Random Dungeon. Most towns have randomized dungeons, which are popular themed training areas.

Ring of IW -- Ring of Iron Will. Grants immunity to fear and confusion.

Ring of FA -- Ring of Free Action. Grants immunity to paralysis and slow.

TNL -- To Next Level: Amount of experience needed to reach the next level. You can see it with the "tnl" command.

WC -- Weapon class, damage.

WTB -- Want to Buy: Player is hoping someone will sell them some goods.

WTS -- Want to Sell: Player has stuff on auction.