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A table of common terms in used Wyvern chat.

Glossary Table

Term Description
HoF Hall of Fame: 25th level. Comes with various perks (e.g. personalized character sprite, and is considered the "endgame" for all but the most hardcore players.
Crowns The premium currency of Wyvern. Crowns can be purchased via real-money transactions, received via in-game rewards, earned during quests, and picked up during events. Click here for more information about Crowns.
Gold The normal currency of Wyvern. Gold is commonly used to describe money including Silver, Gold, and Platinum coins.
Tokens A non-tradable currency dropped by high level bosses and the boss' minions. Tokens can be used to purchase items dropped by the bosses and used during special in-game events.
Tears A non-tradable currency given based on contribution to Live Quests. Tears can be used to purchase items at Sesha's House of Tears.
VIP / Crown Lounge A house in Minath Elion that limits access to people who made at least $5 purchase in Crowns.
AH Auction House. A designated area for players to buy and sell items amongst themselves.
MAH Minath Auction House, the most popular place for buying and selling items. Also a social hub.
IAP In App Purchase, the industry-standard term for paying for stuff with real money. In Wyvern, Crowns are the IAP "premium currency".
WTB Want to Buy: Player is hoping someone will sell them some goods.
WTS Want to Sell: Player has stuff on auction.
LQ Live Quest. A real-time, interactive quest, usually involving everyone collaborating to kill a large monster. Will appear again in Wyvern someday.
NV New Verden, newbie town.
R Rhialto, the creator and primary developer of Wyvern.
RD Random Dungeon. Most towns have randomized dungeons, which are popular themed training areas.
WC Weapon class. 1WC = 0.5 average additional base damage for most races (1WC can roll between 0 to 1). This value is multiplicative with critical hits and other multipliers.
AC Armor Class. 1AC = 0.5 average damage reduction damage. For example, if you have 10AC and the opponent attacks you, you can reduce their damage by up to 10 (1 to 10).
FW Find Weakness is a trained skill that allows you to land critical hits more often. Critical hits deal 2x the damage of a non-critical hit.
Pot A potion. Wyvern has about 35 kinds of potions you can drink for their magical effects.
DSM Dragon Scale Mail, a popular and powerful form of body armor. RDSM = red, GDSM = gray (usually, or green), BDSM = blue, etc.
BRMA Blackrose Mage Arena, a popular player-vs-player fight arena in Blackrose City.
PK Player Killing. Wyvern requires both parties to consent to PK. You can do it in arenas, or by joining the PK Guild in Glacier Point.
GP Glacier Point, a city in the snowy wingtip in the Northeast of Wyvern.
DPro Death protection, may refer to Amulet of Death Protection.
TNL To Next Level: Amount of experience needed to reach the next level. You can see it with the "tnl" command.
AV Ancient Vesimas, a high-level area in the bay south of Minath Elion.
CoA A popular quest, Cult of Aquator, in Ancient Vesimas.
DoT Department of Transportation. Most cities have one. They have pay teleporters to take you to other cities.
NPC Non-player character. A non-player character is any character in a game which is not controlled by a player.
HP Health Points. Your HP is how much damage you can take before you die.
SP / Mana Spell Points. Your mana is used to cast spells.