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guildscore - Command to see your guild experience

tnl - command to see xp + guild xp until next level/guild level

Guild experience is different from normal experience. Each guild has a specific set of rule that must be follow before accumulating experience and leveling up your rank in the guild. This might include killing monsters only with certain weapon types/magic damage or other restrictions such as type of armor worn or alignment restrictions.

Amount of guild experience needed to level your guild score.

You can't lose guild experience, so if you die, you still have the same amount of guild experience.

Level Guild Experience needed to advance
1 20000
2 20000
3 40000
4 80000
5 160000
6 320000
7 640000
8 1280000
9 2560000
10 highest guild level. a cumulative of 5 mil guildxp total