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Wyvern currently have 2 primary types of in-game currencies: Gold and Crowns.

In addition, Wyvern have 2 non-tradable currencies: Loot tokens and Tears.

Currencies Table

Currency Description
Crowns Crowns are an in-game currency that players can purchase using real-life money. They can also be obtained as rewards in-game, without spending money. In general, their benefits are meant to save the player's time. Click here for more information about Crowns.
Gold The normal currency of Wyvern. Gold is commonly used to describe money including Silver, Gold, and Platinum coins. Gold can be obtained via in-game drops, selling items to shops, trading with players, etc. Gold can be used to make purchases from NPCs, players. Gold is key in training your character's skills. Gold is also the currency used to upgrade your equipment. Play Wyvern and discover all the uses for Gold (hint: too many)!
Loot tokens A non-tradable currency dropped by high level bosses and the boss' minions. Loot tokens can be used to purchase items dropped by the bosses and used during special in-game events.
Tears A non-tradable currency given based on contribution to Live Quests. Tears can be used to purchase items at Sesha's House of Tears.