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Exp Needed to Level

Level Experience Needed
1 -
2  ?
3  ?
4  ?
5 2,500
6  ?
7  ?
8 10,000
9  ?
10  ?
11 35,000
12  ?
13 78,000
14 117,000
15  ?
16  ?
17 395,000
18 592,000
19 888,000
20 1,300,000
21 2,000,000
22 3,000,000
23 4,500,000
24 6,750,000
25 10,000,000
26-30 6,000,000 xp/ lvl
31-35 7,000,000 xp/ lvl
36-40 8,000,000 xp/ lvl
41-45 9,000,000 xp/ lvl
46-50 10,000,000 xp/ lvl

Total Quest Points needed for...

Level Total Quest Points
5 10
10 10
15 15
20 50
25 100
30 200
30 200
35 300
40 400
45 500
50 550


Level 25 - free use of teleporters (equivalent to DOT pass)

Level 30 - any non-quest RD you enter will begin at your level: If you're level 31, you start at lvl 31

Level 35 - monsters will be unable to steal any items from you

Level 40 - immunity to xp drain.

Leveling Spots

Here are some suggestions for where you should go based on your progression in the game. They are separated into three categories:

  • Easy (no prep needed)
  • Medium (some prep needed like potions or scrolls)
  • Hard (even with prep you will have to be on your toes). Generally the higher difficult will yield more XP.

Levels 1-6


  • Newbie house (literally called newbie house) in the bottom right corner of New Verden city. Rats, zombies, kobolds, and a bonus room with a small amount of grugs, pirates, orcs, and half-orcs. Good loot here.


  • Orcs in the west end of Davos. Will need to use an invisibility potion so they don't fight back. Badass orcs will be able to see you and fight you.


  • Ogres in west Davos. Pick up some arrows and a bow from the orcs. The ogres can see you but you can strafe and dodge. There are ogre mages that give several hundred XP and arrows will easily make short work of them.

Quest to Consider: Garignor's Amulet, Rachel's Cat, Troglodyte Quest.

Levels 6-10


  • Cave in Davos - Huge dungeon; the deeper you go, the harder monsters you would meet. All kinds of monsters there; also you could meet shops at some levels.
  • Giant houses in Alaria. 100 exp per giant, housed behind gates and easy access to a heal fountain in town. Storm giants are a little more difficult because of their spells.


  • Orc hideout cave near Alaria. Lots and lots and lots of Orcs, goblins, kobolds, half-orcs, "kreechers". Good loot. Bring potions. Lockpicking helps.
  • Newbie Tower in Alaria. Kobolds, Ogres, green slime, green biters, stirge, spiders.
  • Alaria Gauntlet, gets progressively harder. Avoid the Arch Dracolich.


  • Elven Wizard houses in Minath.

Quests to Consider: Moon Quest Clockwork Wyvern (has a sidescroller so i usually skip it) The Forest Warlock Westerly Forest

Levels 11-15


  • Khaytsi City - Iron golems, mud golems, giant vegetables
  • Elf houses in Minath.
  • Elf houses in Blackrose City.
  • Elf houses in Oxbow.
  • Gypsy Arena: Four rooms.


  • Varak Ruins: False Angels, Huge Minotaurs, Hydras, Dragons, Greater Fire Elementals, Armored Titans, Scorpions, and more.
  • Temple of Words, a temple found in the Khaytsi area that has brown dragons and green dragons.
  • Ruins of Samhoc - Skulls, Vampires, Wraiths, Liches, Iron Golems, and more.
  • Jbel and Bandar Gaah .


  • Noir forest - Skulls
  • Tehur:
    • En route: Dark Elves, Vampires, Wraiths, Ghosts, Fire Elementals, Black Pudding, Ochre Jellies, Green Dragons
    • In the city: Dark Elves, Dark Wizards

Levels 16-20


  • Fae Wyston Graveyard - Spiders, Shoggoths (Shog the Destroyer at end of place)
  • Noir Dark Forest - Skulls, Diamond Golems, Liches


  • Macabre (go east 3 maps in Rakshasa Harmya, north one, east 2, north two, take the boat, and you will have arrived)- Rakshasa ghosts, pitcher plants, hyenas, soul takers, huge minotaurs, elves.
  • Glacier Point ruins (west) - Skulls, frozen medusas, dracolich, lich, soul takers.
  • Harloth via Glacier Point Ruins
  • Bura Shaan - North of town. All you need is cold resist and you will yield about 40k for 15 minutes of work. Monsters include yetis, ice cubes, undead frost giants, snow shoggoths, frost wyverns, white dragons, frost wisps.


  • Ancient Vesimas: Water breathing is mandatory. It is advised to have: cold endurance, shock endurance, fear immunity, paralysis immunity, confusion immunity, poison resist or immunity. Will yield roughly 100-200k exp a run, and the starting maps will have reset by the time you clear so you can run it infinitely.

Levels 20+



  • Ocean Tours


  • Noir Skull Cave
  • Hades, home to Greater Fire Elementals, Skulls, Medusas, and more. At the end awaits a unique monster, Failure, which summons deadly Cacodemons.
  • Macabre Olympiad (a quest)
  • RDs - Bread and butter for exp from now till 50. Bring lots of potions for free action, bravery, endurance, and strength if your gear doesn't cover the resists.