Macabre Olympiad

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This is officially known as the Macabre Olympiad. It's truly a marathon.

Quest Points: 30

Difficulty: Very hard

Location: Rakshasa Harmaya

Prerequisites: All resists, death protection, healing capabilities, enchanted gear, agility gear, x-ray and darksight or light source. See invis is also vital.

Challenges: All boss monsters, running out of resists and pots, finding 3-4 hours to complete quest solo. Starvation. Grouping is not allowed.

Rewards: Bag with Olympic Gold Medal + 100,000 gold coins

Finding the hole

Go east into the jungle in Rakshasa Harmaya, past the map with cave, past all the ruins. Go as east as you can (3 maps). Then go north east in the last map. You will see 3 ruins, and 2 ponds on either side.

The dirt hole can be found in the map before entering macabre town

Enter the one on the right. Go east one map, and north, and you'll reach the town of Macabre, with the rakshasa ghosts. Go one map north, ride the safari, and you'll reach a map with temple ruins, a graveyard one map east and one map north, and elves and giant minotaurs north.

You'll also notice that there's a dirt hole at the bottom of the first map. It's an exit, but you'll be looking for the entrance, which is another dirt hole. You can find this in elven houses, the graveyard (you can enter the tombstones), or in minotaur map at northern most map, or sanctuary (it's often next to healing fountain). AKA anywhere, it's kinda random.

Journey to the olympiad

You'll reach an RD-like map with lead golems. Go as south and east as you can and you'll get to another map with iron golems. If you see a ladder, that's the exit to the dirt hole. Don't go up the ladder unless you want to exit. Proceed to diamond golems and mages (which can stop time/magic). You'll run into the middle of the map with 3 diamond golems and a mage, and you'll see a ladder. You'll notice you can't go up unless you kill everything in the map, incl things that pop out of coffins. See invis is necessary in case one of the mages go invis and you can't find it. There will also be another ladder on the western side, and that also leads to the exit. The ladder you want is in the center of the map.

The next map is pitcher plants, wisps, and medusas, with 1 marilith in the middle. Kill them all (there's a lever to unlock gates), and go up the ladder in the middle (you have to kill everything).

The next map is similar but with mariliths, a boss monster (AD/Riagor/Reaper/DL/Caco), thunder spider, dark wisps (can stop time), and cold whisper. You'll also notice a big crevice behind a gate. Kill all the monsters, find the lever on NE of map to unlock the middle gate with the medusa inside, and you'll face off with another boss monster (reaper, DL, riagor, Caco, AD). Then proceed to next map and pull 2 levers to unlock gate to crevice.

The Olympiad Begins!

Go down the crevice, and you'll see a mage with some benches. This is the beginning of the Macabre Olympiad. Your job is to collect 4 keys (they're all light brown, named Olympiad Key 1/2/3/4), to unlock the doors to the Olympic Torch.

There are 2 doors on the top right of the map, and that's the beginning of a 33-map marathon. Bring tons of resists, and patience, and time. You can't quit or recall, so stock up on everything before heading in. The average time takes 1-4 hours, so do this after a server reset, not when the server is 5-6 hours in. They're all boss monsters, but nothing difficult. Below are the maps and where the keys are. The keys are always located in the maps with first the Cacodemons (Key 1 near middle of map in map 17), then the Chaos (Key 3 near bottom right of map in map 21), then veggies (Key 4 near top right of map in map 22), then Building block king (Key 2 near top right of map - do not miss this. it blends in with the sand). You can always go back to find the keys, unless you're in the last map. At map 33, the doors shut behind you and you'll have to restart the quest. Also, maps do respawn... if you die you respawn at the mage in beginning, and you may have to redo many maps :). This is a solo quest - you cannot summon or join players.You also have to kill every monster in each map in order to move on to the next, and that's why glimpse or x-ray is so important. Most of the time is spent searching for the last monster in map.

1. fire elementals / greater fire elementals / red dragons

2. skulls / medusas (3 gates switches/buttons, necessary)

3. liches / amethyst golem

4. undines / water elementals

5. diamond golems / evil ice cubes / energy vortex/ frozen meduas

6. storm vortex / giant ice spider / snow leopard

7. giant ice spider / snow lynx / lightning vortex / male lynx

8. evil eyes / armored titans / AD / caco 3 switches/buttons (not necessary)

9. wisps / xipe totec / ad / riagor / cursed fiend / giant zombie / reaper

10. wolverine / big horn sheep / musk ox / caribou / snowshoe hare (3 buttons not necessary)

11. shogs (3 switches, necessary)

12. marilith / emerald golems / shogs (3 gates buttons/switches, necessary)

13. ice vortex / oculus (skull levers (not necessary))

14. black dragons (can stop time) / AD / draco (5-6 gates all necessary)

15. greater fire elementals / wisps / DL ( 6 gates necessary)

16. riagors / ameth golems / cursed fiend

17. wisps / woodland dragons / cacos (KEY 1 near middle is a wooden key)

18. black pudding / monopods ( 3 levers gtes necessary)

19. maelstrom / ghosts / rock mole

20. chaos vortex / massive diamond golems / ruby oglems

21. greater ice elemental / chaos / storm vortex / yeti / frost vortex (KEY 3 near bottom right of map)

22. veggies (tomatoes potatoes corn, etc) red squirrel, rabbit, sheepdog, horse (KEY 4 near top right of map)

23. fire bats / greater fire elementals / fire shogs 1000 mana traps(3 levers gates necessary) maze

24. pixie traitor (3 gates levers necesssary)

25. ice sphere / filth demon / wind whisper / diamond golem / wisps / energy vortex / dark wisps/ thunder spiders

26. dark elves (5 gates and levers ) you may not need to pull all of them

27. room with food and boulders (run very fast to top of map, no need to kill anything, those boulders are killer :)

28. tesh castle map with 4 climates? ants, dark elves, musk ox, veggies, hyenas red toad, anaconda, red fox. Yes, kill that red fox.

29. lich / ghast / pests / floating eyes / gazers (pests cant teleport so you okay) (theres one bad summon trap (shogs, monos etc)

30. tortoise / Building Block King - essentially weaker riagor with no spells / hound of hades / red wagon / teddy bear / skunk / reapers (KEY 2 IN NE do not miss this key)

31. orcas / sharks /sperm whales /all fish / pitcher plants /and 1000 mana drain traps (5 levers, dont forget one right next to entrance

32. riagors/ vampire bats / demon lords

33. LAST MAP wind whispers / dark wisps / reapers / thunder spider / pitcher plant / soul taker (this map you can't go back. the entrance will be blocked by boulders. so if you miss any keys you're finished) kill everything, then unlock the 4 doors in top right of map, get the torch, take the teleporter, give to mage