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Dodge has a soft cap at 2xlevel and a hard cap at 60

A level 15 might have enough agility gear on to give 50 dodge but only 30 dodge is used because 15 x 2 = 30 but when you reach level 30 you will then be able to take full use of 60 dodge! anything over 60 is useless.

Healing Basics

Healing spells and Healing rods use the art called Incantation. Incantation will reduce the mana cost of either spell or rod. 7 Incantation will reduce minor healing cost to 1 mana and is basically all the Incantation you will need for healing purposes. If you plan on using rods you wont need to learn any life magic as all rods do not use your characters element skills...

Healing spells will require Life Magic and even tho you can cast with 0 Life Magic you might want to get 5 Life to ensure potency. Smart-heal will use rods first if you have and spells secondly by default.

Minor Healing will "trigger" the instant you loose 1 hp

Medium Healing will "trigger" when you loose about 1/4 of your hp

Major Healing will "trigger when you loose a little more than 1/2 hp

Trigger meaning smart-heal wont use the spell unless your hp value reaches a point no matter how much you spam. I usually unlearn minor healing later on simply because it can be a waste of mana. Work in progress!!