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Active Quests

Name Quest Points Recommended Level Description Location
Clockwork Wyvern 3 4+ Help the time keeper. A mansion in Davos
Cult of Aquator 50 25+ Help the rebels overthrow Aquator and restore sanity to the realm. Vesimas
Curse of elendal 15 ? Elendal, North west of Minath Elion
Curse of Henteko 45 20+ Investigate the corruption of Yojimbo. Henteko
Demon Hordes 20 15+ Journey to the southern continent to try to stop the demon hordes. Is'srano
Eye of the Dragon 30 15+ Help the Dwarf King recover the Eye of the Dragon! Varak
Fairy Queen's Amethyst 3 8+ Find the Fairy Queen's amethyst. Oxbow River Wildlife Refuge
Frozen Abyss 15 15+ Demon Hordes, frozen edition. Cave near Bura Shaan/Glacier point, on world map (next to lava)
Garignor's Amulet 1 1 The first quest in Wyvern, designed for novices. The player must find Garignor's Amulet and return it to him. New Verden
History of Noir 5 10+ Mebo wants you to read his History Book and figure out more Noir history he doesn’t already know. Noir
Jewel of Besar 20 10+ Help the King of Besar win back his stolen axe artifact. Besar Castle
Jinoir's Sapphire Ring 15 14+ Jinoir has had her ring stolen! Find it for her. Glacier Point
Kiz's Side Scroller 20 1+ Kiz requests that you help the mage Hollivar with this experiments. Holligar's Hut between New Verden (east, not south) and Alaria
Laboratory Debacle 25 15+ Help Professor Chelinde rescue coworkers A cave east of Alaria
Macabre Olympiad 30 20+ Help the Warrior Mage retrieve the 4 Olympiad Keys! Macabre, east of Rakshasa Harmaya.
Mist Temple 20 15+ Help discover what happened to the mage's friend. Mist Temple
Moon Quest 3 4+ Gallawful the Goblin has stolen Florinia's Moon Crystal, and the player must help her recover it. Alaria
NagaLinh's Dolls 20 20
Odin's Missing Eye 60 20+ Help Odin and the rest of the gods retrieve Odin's missing eye! Bifrost
Orb of Maiye 10 15+ Help the fairy queen recover her orb! Isle of Maiye
Pirate Island 12 10+ Help recover the pearl pirates stole from the monks! Stensele
Rachel's Cat 4 4+ Help Rachel obtain her cat. Small house on the west side of New Verden
Ruins of Samhoc 10 10+ Find the fabled Amulet of Samhoc rumored to be lost in the abandoned city. Samhoc (SE Issrano, W of Almien)
Secrets of the Sidewinder Caverns 12 12+ The old had Agorim has heard word of some burglaries going on in Jbel. Bandar Gaah
Spell of the Swamp Witch 10 17+ The Swamp Witch has a quest for you. Rakshasa Harmya Swamp
The Case of the Purloined Pooch 30 15+ The governor's pooch has been kidnapped! Glacier Point
The Dark Mistress 45 20+ Help the Mistress of Darkness recover her stolen egg! Glacier Point Ruins
The Forest Warlock 4 5+ Help the forest warlock of Botanica. Botanica, southwest of Varak
The Goose That Lays Golden Eggs 7 15+ Find the king's golden goose! Khaytsi City
The Mystery of the Stoneybrook Key 5 15+ Help the Sage find his house key! Stoneybrook
Tornaum Castle 15 10+ Help King Tornaum recover is sceptre. Tournam Castle
Tower of Conundrum 5 10+ Help Imbrum find his way home! Isle of Maiye
Tower of Sokoban 1 for every five levels, 38 total 1+ Tower of Sokoban in Alaria
Treasures of the Pyramid 30 15+ Help Professor Baruti of the University of Jbel explore the pyramids to prove his theory. Bandar Gaah/Jbel
Troglodyte Quest 3 2-4 The player must retrieve the Troglodyte King's favorite rock and bring it back to him. Northern ruins of Davos
Wastelands of Bura Shaan 20 15+ Help the queen find the lost LeTreau Amulet! Bura Shaan
Westerly Forest 3 8 Something terrible has befallen a trader and his family in the Westerly Forest. Westerly Forest (ant hill in NW Wyvern)
Wyvern Post Explorer 7 4+ Assist the Wyvern Post Delivery Service in delivering mail. Brother Joshua in New Verden
Zoo Quest 5 7 Help the zookeeper restore power to the zoo. Zoo

Mini Quests

Electrinum Slab Mini Quest

Temple of Words


Scavenger hunt

Sword of Noir Swap