Robe of Decay Location

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Start at Oxbow, go north east

Death robe 1.PNG

Go to the north west corner of the map and apply the circled tile.

Death robe 2.PNG

Go north west

Death robe 3.PNG

Death robe 4.PNG

Go north twice to the wood elf village

Death robe 5.PNG

Death robe 6.PNG

Death robe 7.PNG

Go west of the wood elf village

Death robe 8.PNG

Death robe 9.PNG

Follow the winding path and go west

Death robe 10.PNG

Death robe 11.PNG

Push the circled boulder

Death robe 12.PNG

Apply the stairs under the boulder

Death robe 13.PNG

Kill the ghosts and wraiths behind the gates. WARNING: 4 Dracolich ahead

Death robe 14.PNG

Apply building in the middle Warning 2 Arch Dracolich ahead

Death robe 15.PNG

Death robe 16.PNG

Pick up the moldy robe, this is the Robe of Decay