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Start the quest at the Closed Blacksmith in Noir, one map north of the start and in the upper right of that map.


Sword of Noir

How to Solve

Ask the blacksmith for a sword, and in exchange for it he is requesting a bottle of 13-year single malt scotch. He'll send you to Darla, who can be found at the Noir Inn at the bottom left of the same map. Darla will be in the upper right room, and will request a 13-year double malt scotch, which she will mention Mancel may have.

Mancel will actually be one map north of that place, in the castle. To find him, simply follow the moat right one map, then head down through the wall to reach a staircase. Go up the staircase, head up two maps to another staircase, then left two maps to find Mancel. He will request 10-year double malt scotch in exchange, and point you towards a Suspicious-looking person.

The Suspicious-looking person is back at the map you entered Noir at, in Noir Bank along the west wall. Pull the lever and speak to the suspicious-looking person at the bottom left of the bank. He will request a 10-year single malt scotch from the store.

The store is one map north, in the northwest part of the map called Noir General. The bottle of scotch can be found on the top floor in the bottom right portion of the room. Then you simply go back through the order in reverse, giving the scotch to the suspicious person (must actually type in "give scotch to suspicious-looking person) at Noir Bank, then take the bottle you get to Mancel, then to Darla, and finally back to the Blacksmith.