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Question A salesman drives from Amsterdam to The Hague. The first half of the distance of his journey, he drives at a constant speed of 80 km/h. The second half of the distance of his journey, he drives at a constant speed of 120 km/h. Answer 96

Question Colored as a maiden tweaked, time was naught when I began; through the garden I was sneaked, I alone am the fall of man. What am I? Answer Apple

Question Deep, deep, do they go. Spreading out as they go. Never needing any air. They are sometimes as fine as hair. What are they? Answer Root

Question When the day before yesterday was referred to as the day after tomorrow, the day that was then called yesterday was as far away from the day we now call tomorrow as yesterday is from the day which we shall now be able to speak of last Monday as a week ago yesterday. What day is it? Answer thursday

question You must keep it after giving it. What is it? answer your word

question I drift, As slowly as a lazy river. I dance, Upon as little as a puff of air. I tumble, Better than the greatest acrobat. Swirling, Twirling, Down to the ground. Where I lie, Til I get my second wind. So I can begin again. What am I? answer leaf

question The root tops the trunk on this backward thing, that grows in the winter and dies in the spring. What is it? answer icicle

question At my hind there is a rope On my head a fan, Beside my mouth is two sharp spears And my tree-legs are rough on your hands. Beside all this is one great wall A snake adorns my head at all times, and it is part of me And it will always be.

What am I?

answer elephant

question While our company swells in numbers (Some come early, some come late); Some of us may bore you, And some of us enthrall, But you cannot choose between us You must take us one and all. We'll be bound together tightly For we're naught if we break free. If you would like to know about us, Then answer : WHAT ARE WE? Answer chapters

question Barbara has boxes in three sizes: large, standard, and small. She puts 11 large boxes on a table. She leaves some of these boxes empty, and in all the other boxes she puts 8 standard boxes. She leaves some of these standard boxes empty, and in all the other standard boxes she puts 8 (empty) small boxes. Now, 102 of all the boxes on the table are empty. How many boxes has Barbara used in total? answer 115


Turn us on our backs and open up our stomachs.     You will be the wisest of men, though at start a lummox. What am I?


I have a spine, but have no heart. I can take you places, but I have no legs. I can be interesting, but I have no personality.

answer book

question A plane maintains an average speed of 696mph from London to New York. It then returns from New York to London at an average speed of 145mph. What is the average speed for the entire journey? answer 240

question Last week I bought a word processor small enough to fit in my pocket. It can write in any language and also add, multiply, subtract, divide. It has a delete facility that will correct any error made and no electricity or batteries are required to operate it. Amazingly, it only cost me 25 cents. Why? Because I bought a.... answer pencil

question It's always above the negatives Yet it's lower than the first prime No matter how you multiply It's the same every time.

What is it? answer 0

question In daytime I lie pooled about, At night I cloak like a mist. I creep inside shut boxes and inside your tightened fist. You see me best when you can't see, For I do not exist. What am I? answer darkness


I got it in a forest, but didn't want it.

Once I had it, I couldn't see it. The more I searched for it, the less I liked it. I took it home in my hand because I could not find it. What was it? Answer splinter

question Voiceless it cries, Wingless it flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters. What am I? answer wind

question Runs smoother than any rhyme, loves to fall but can not climb! What is it? answer water

question I start with the letter E. I end with the letter E. I usually contain only one letter Yet I am not the letter E! What am I? answer envelope

question What others do laterally I do upright. My namesakes have run races but I don't compete, alright? My cousins are dragons but not a lizard be, I do one thing that all men can't so what can I be? What am I? answer seahorse

question William lives in a street with house-numbers 8 up to 100. Lisa wants to know at which number William lives. She asks him: "Is your number larger than 50?" William answers, but lies. Upon this, Lisa asks: "Is your number a multiple of 4?" William answers, but lies again. Then Lisa asks: "Is your number a square?" William answers truthfully. Upon this, Lisa says: "I know your number if you tell me whether the first digit is a 3." William answers, but now we don't know whether he lies or speaks the truth.

Thereupon, Lisa says at which number she thinks William lives, but (of course) she is wrong.

What is Williams real house-number? answer 81

question I am always hungry. I must always be fed. The finger I lick will soon turn red. What am I? answer fire

question Up a hill, Down a hill, Over them I may roam, But after all my walking, There's no place like my own. answer home

question The Pixie says: Can you find a word which can prefix each of these words to make a new word?

colour cress fall proof shed way

answer water

question One tooth to bite, he's the forests foe. One tooth to fight, as all Norse know. What is it? answer axe

question You walk upwards on an escalator, with a speed of 1 step per second. After 50 steps you are at the end. You turn around and run downwards with a speed of 5 steps per second. After 125 steps you are back at the beginning of the escalator. The Question: How many steps do you need if the escalator stands still? answer 100

question Can you find the hidden nine letter word in this grid? Starting with any letter you may move in any direction, including diagonally to spell out the letters of the word in their correct order. H L E C L E H E A A N G E N A G answer challenge

question Makkum and Stavoren are two villages. Michael and Donald want to go from Makkum to Stavoren. They leave at the same time. Michael goes by bicycle. Donald goes by car, which is six times as fast as Michael on his bicycle. Unfortunately, Donald has a car breakdown half-way between Makkum and Stavoren. Fortunately, a passing farmer gives him a lift to Stavoren on his tractor. Unfortunately, the farmer drives only half as fast as Michael drives on his bicycle. Who of the two arrives first in Stavoren? answer michael


I go around in circles, But always straight ahead. Never complain, No matter where I am led. What am I?

answer wheel

question What has a coat? Hugs you not in sympathy? Whose smile you'd rather not see? Whose stance is a terrible thing to see? Who is it that brave men run away from? Whose fingers are clawed? Whose sleep lasts for months? And who's company we shun? What is it? answer bear

question Has a mouth but does not speak, has a bed but never sleeps. What is it? answer river

question You break it even if you name it! What is it? answer silence

question Welsh horses are my favourite animal. Tapir, llama, marmoset and elephant closely follow. I don't care much for English rabbits nor ocelot, adders, goldfish and spaniels. answer malta


What is it you have to answer? But to answer you have to ask? And to ask you have to speak?  And to speak you have to know the answer.

answer riddle

question Like a tornado I spin 'round and 'round And if you are not careful I could devastate your town From the wet Maybe to the dry Just be careful Not to look me straight in the eyef answer hurricane

question Upon me you can tread, Though softly under cover. And I will take you places, That you have yet to discover. I'm high, and I'm low, Though flat in the middle. And though a joy to the children, Adults think of me little. What am I? answer stairs


A boy leaves home in the morning to go to school. At the moment he leaves the house he looks at the clock in the mirror. The clock has no number indication and for this reason the boy makes a mistake in interpreting the time (mirror-image). Just assuming the clock must be out of order, the boy cycles to school, where he arrives after twenty minutes. At that moment the clock at school shows a time that is two and a half hours later than the time that the boy saw on the clock at home. At what time did he reach school? 

answer 7:25

question What well know saying has been altered below:

Epo'u mppl b hjgu ipstf jo uif npvui answer Don't look a gift horse in the mouth

question My life can be measured in hours, I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am quick. Fat, I am slow. Wind is my foe. What am I? answer candle


One tooth to bite, he's the forests foe. One tooth to fight, as all Norse know. What is it?

answer axe

question Here are three answers: A: Answer A B: Answer A or B C: Answer B or C There is only one correct answer to this question. Which answer is this? answer c

question where can you find august before july answer calander