The Dark Mistress

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Before you start

WyvernSouce Guide

Recommended items: (1) Something that grants x-ray vision (if you don't have glimpse), (2) Standard resists and anything else you’d bring when RDing to deep levels, and (3) Some way to smash blocks efficiently

Rewards: (1) 45 quest points, (2) 4500 gold gem, and (3) Easier path to Har’Oloth

Foes: Chaos boss and high-level monsters, including but not limited to Demon Lords, Riagors, Cacodemon, Arch Dracolich, Frozen Kalidemons, and Frozen Medusas.

Part 1: Getting to Har’Oloth

The start of the journey. Enter the large hole to begin.

Start off in the first map of Glacier Point (GP). Head to the GP ruins to the SW. Enter one of the holes around the NE area of the ruins. Once below the ground, clear frozen blocks to the NE until you find some downward stairs. Go down and then go west, and you’ll find another set of stairs that lead to the underground ice block heaven.

In this map, you’ll want to pull 6 levers to open 6 gates. X-ray vision helps a lot here. Generally, you should be going along the north and west walls to get around the map. From the west side, just keep clearing blocks to the east until you find paths. The path to the next area (with the gates) should be somewhere slightly north of the center of the map, around 2-3 of the switches should be around the west side of the map, and around 3-4 of the switches should be on the east side of the map. Just keep clearing until you’ve hit all 6 switches, head to the now lowered gates, and take the stairs down (be prepared for a few wolverines/frozen skulls/ice vortices when you go down).

In the next map, you’ll see 6 portals. The western most portal is the path to the next map, and the other 5 portals have levers that you have to pull to lower the gates blocking the next area. Obviously, these levers are guarded by monsters. For all portals except portal 5 (Chaos boss portal), you can just ignore everything, pull the lever, and exit through the portal. For portal 5, you have to kill Chaos and loot the key off his body to access the lever. You’ll find some pretty good loot in most of these portals as well. 2 of the portals are really easy, but the other 3 can be a bit harder. If you find yourself in a pinch, you can just exit through the portal (except for portal 4). I’ve listed some infomation about them below.

Note: there is currently a bug where exiting a portal will send you to a reset version of the previous starting map, with all monsters respawned (similar to an existing bug in Ruins of Samhoc), so be cautious when exiting portals

Dangerous portals by descending order of difficulty: Portal 5 (north center): this is the hardest portal. You’ll have to face the boss Chaos (a red version of maelstrom), which summons chaos vortices (similar in difficulty to an ice vortex). You’ll also face a frozen kalidemon, wolverines, and ice vortices. Portal 4 (NE): frozen kalidemon, few other random small things, and 1 of demon lord, cacodemon, reaper, riagor, and perhaps others. WARNING: the portal for this area is at the end instead of at the beginning. Portal 2 (SE): slightly dangerous. You’ll probably be surrounded by a wolverine, frozen dracolich, and frozen kalidemon as soon as you enter)

Once you’ve pulled all levers, enter the west portal and enter the next area. From here, just go all the way to the north of the map and take the rainbow-colored portal to enter Har’Oloth.

Part 2: Finding the Dagger

Welcome to the prosperous and flourishing city of Har’Oloth! This is a pretty good area for exp/gold if you’re not in the mood to RD, especially since the path here is a lot easier once you’ve completed the quest. You can also sell items at multiple stores here and deposit your gold at the bank.

Now, your mission is to find the dagger for the priest in Glacier Point. It looks like a normal dagger, and it will be randomly under some object (beds, altars, etc.) or lying on the floor somewhere in Har'Oloth. Go into EVERY building and check EVERY bed, altar, or any object you can find. Also check the beds outside of buildings in the kalidemon (to the east), shoggoth (to the north, hidden by ice), and diamond golem (to the southwest) mountains.

Once you’ve found the dagger, head back to the starting building and take the portal back to GP. Head to the church and talk to the priest. Go to the door at the NE corner with the key you just got and enter the command “unlock door.” Grab the egg and head back to GP ruins. Unfortunately, you now have to make the trek back to Har’Oloth. It takes longer than the map reset time to get there and find the dagger, so you’ll probably have to do the painful clear to Har’Oloth again.

Part 3: The return to Har’Oloth

The ghetto coin trick, "alias ____ drop 1 silver"

Now that you’re finally back again, head to the Dark Mistress’ castle/tower in the NW. Use the “attack skull” command to kill the pesty skulls blocking the way and enter. Now head to the west to enter a teleport maze. The maze is randomized, but the door you want to reach is in the NE corner. You shouldn't have to stray too far from the east to reach it. To keep track of your progress, alias a key to "drop 1 silver," and enter the alias every time you step on a square without being teleported.

One correct path neenneeeennnnnneeeeeennnnnnnnwwnnnnwwsswwnnnnnnnnwwsswwwwnn

Almost done with the quest! Now enter the door, and you’ll find yourself inside the castle. In this next and final part, the only enemies you’ll face are bone devils. It’s a pretty good place for money, if you feel like coming back.

From the entrance, head all the way to the NW corner, and take the stairs up. Then head to the NE corner in the next map, and you should find the next set of stairs directly south of the NE corner. Then head to the SW corner and take the 3rd set of stairs up. Finally, head to the SE corner on the 4th floor, and you’ll find the final set of stairs that leads to the Dark Mistress. Now head to the center of the room and talk to her to give her the egg and complete the quest!

Guide by Killvan, with help from others