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Wyvern User Interface

  1. Food Level
  2. Carrying Capacity: The number of pounds a character can carry.
  3. XP to next level: Shows the amount of experience needed to obtain the next level.
  4. Commands
  5. Social Commands
  6. Atmospheres:
  7. Ground
  8. Smart Heal
  9. Game Menu
  10. Log Out
  11. Who: Shows a list of the players online.
  12. Say
  13. Send a Message: Send a private message to a player.
  14. Shout: Send a message to all players on the server.
  15. Stash Item
  16. Sell
  17. Shoplist: List everything in a shop.
  18. Inventory
  19. Spells
  20. Ready a Kept Item
  21. Fire Pad
  22. View Profile
  23. Send Command
  24. Hit Points: How many health points you have available. Remaining HP/Total HP.
  25. Spell Points: How many spell points you have available. Remaining SP/Total SP.

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