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List of all Amulet items

Name Base Shop Value (gp) Guild Requirement Effect
Amulet2.png Amulet of Acid Resistance 85000 Grants 30% Acid Resistance.
Amulet1.png Amulet of Air Magic 20000 +3 Air
Amulet5.png Amulet of Clarity 35000 100% Confusion Resistance
Amulet coran.png Amulet of Corran 50000 +1 earth

+1 spirit

Amulet1.png Amulet of Darksight 5000 +3 darksight
Amulet2.png Amulet of Death Magic 30000 +3 Death
Amulet8.png Amulet of Death Protection 20,000g 95% Death Resistance
Amulet4.png Amulet of Earth Magic 20000 +3 earth
Amulet6.png Amulet of Fire Magic 20000 +3 Fire
Amulet5.png Amulet of Free Action 35000 100% Paralysis Resistance

100% Slow Resistance

Amulet9.png Amulet of Greater Protection 45000 +5 protection
Amulet8.png Amulet of Life Magic 30000 +3 life
Amulet8.png Amulet of Lifesaving 25000 This amulet will save the wearer's life and teleport the wearer to safety. It only works ONCE.
Amulet4.png Amulet of Lordly Might +3 strength
Amulet5.png Amulet of Mind Magic 25000 +3 mind
Amulet1.png Amulet of Night Vision 15000 +5 darksight
Amulet9.png Amulet of Protection 15000 +3 protection
Amulet8.png Amulet of Spirit Magic 25000 +3 spirit
Amulet1.png Amulet of the Eagle 55000 Grants Flying to the user.
Amulet red.png Amulet of the Falcon +3 Air


Amulet2.png Amulet of the Phoenix 15000 This amulet will save the wearer's life. It only works ONCE.

It saves your life by refilling your HP and preventing XP loss, but does NOT teleport you to safety. Your character may be killed immediately after the amulet is used if you don't escape quickly. A better item is the Amulet of Lifesaving, which will save your life and teleport you to safety.

Endlessamulet.png Amulet of the void +250 sp

+5 conjuration

+5 enchantment

+5 incantation

+5 evocation

+10 meditation

-5 strength

2 upgrade slots

-15% Cut Resistance

-15% Smash Resistance

-15% Stab Resistance

Amulet8.png Amulet of Vitality 25000 30 HP
Amulet3.png Amulet of Water Breathing 8000 Grants the ability to breathe underwater
Amulet3.png Amulet of Water Magic 20000 +3 water
Amulet4.png Amulet Versus Poison 10000 25% Poison Resistance
Silver cross.png Blessed Amulet 35000 100% Curse Resistance
Amulet8.png Hero's Amulet 35000 100% Fear Resistance
Medalofhonor.png Medal of Honor N/A +25 hp

+25 sp

+1 find-weakness

fear immunity (100% Fear Resistance)

Gold medal.png Olympic Gold Medal N/A +2 strength

+55 HP

move speed -50

Scarf.png Scarf 200 3% Cold Resistance
Amulet.png Sokoban Wizard's Amulet  ? +50 sp

100% Poison Resistance

+2 find-weakness

+5 meditation

Silver cross.png Strange Amulet 25000 100% Drain Resistance
Archer amulet.png Woodland Amulet 15000 Archers +2 dodging