Curse of Henteko

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Quest Points: 45

Difficulty: Hard

Location: Henteko

Needed: Max resists, max dodge, immunities to paralysis/confuse/fear/slow.

Suggested: Non-melee spells like Dragonbreath or Thunderstorm if you want to kill some mobs quickly.

Rewards: 2000 Loot Tokens, Shogun's Kabuto(leather/metal helmet; 25 AC; +10 zoology), and the ability to forge diamond weapons from slabs.


Go to the Emeperor's Castle in the middle of Henteko. Type "talk help" next to the emperor to start the quest. Literally just follow the dialog going forward as they tell you exactly what to do and where to go. When you get items from Jonin just click on on the enemy or object you are instructed to use them on in order to use them. For a more in depth walkthrough just watch the amazing video down below. Good luck!

Video Walkthrough

[ Video walkthrough by Illy