Minath Elion Sky

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Go to Minath Elion and go to the town center which is two maps north if not using DoT. Enter the castle, which is the main building in the middle here and should be surrounded by a moat. Go two maps north, up the red carpet a little bit, and go a few tiles to the east until you find some stairs. Go up once and enter the library in the middle of the room here. There should be two rows of bookcases. Go to the one in the back and stand on the tile with the chair. A spiral staircase should be visible. Move diagonally NW two squares, and then one west to get to it. The firepad might have to be used here. Take the staircase all the way up to the top floor with the Seer in it. Finally, take the last staircase in this room up to the RD.
Minath Elion Sky.png