Rok:Wood Elf Archer

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A build for a healing-based Wood Elf Archer


Level 10
Ranged 10
Find Weakness 10
Merchant 5
Healing 5
Level 25
Ranged 25
Find Weakness 24
Merchant 10
Healing 10
Meditation 6


Slot Item Description
Helm X-Ray Helm Agility +10
Chest Red DSM Agility +10
Cloak Cloak of the Bat Agility +10
Gloves Woodland Gauntlets Enchanted to +10
Feet Elven Boots Agility +10 Armor +10
Bracers Bracers Enchant to +10
Girdle Girdle of Stamina +20 HP
Weapon Gold Bow/Bone Bow Speed 10, Damage 10
Shield Green Dragon Shield Enchanted +10
Necklace Olympic Gold Medal +2 strength, +55 HP
Ring 1 Ring of Iron Will Grants Fear and Confusion Immunity
Ring 2 Ring of Enhanced Protection added resistances