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List of all tail armor


Name AC Base Shop Value (gp) Enchantable Agi/Dura/Armor+ Effect
Sock fire.png Fire sock 5 18,000gp yes yes +20% Fire Resistance
Sock ice.png Ice Sock 5 18,000gp yes yes +20% Cold Resistance
Sock acid.png Oilskin sock 5 18,000gp yes yes +20% Acid Resistance
Sock shock.png Shock sock 5 18,000gp yes yes +20% Shock Resistance
Sock wizard.png Sokoban Wizard's Tail sock 25  ? no no +20% Acid Resistance

+20% Fire Resistance

+20% Cold Resistance

+20% Shock Resistance

+20% Magic Resistance

Sock normal.png Tail sock 10 100gp yes yes

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