The Case of the Purloined Pooch

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Completion time: 30 mins to 1 hour

Quest points: 30

Difficulty: Medium - Rd monsters 1 to 20. Frozen Orcs. A Maelstrom demon.

Requirements: Resists


Vault Key with mediocre rewards.

How to Solve

Head to Glacier Point. Make your way through the city until you find the northern exit to the snowy wilderness past the PK Guild and east of the bungalow.

Glacier Point Wilderness

Starting from the first “Hills” map as you exit the town, you will want to travel: E, E, N, NE. You know you are in the right area when you find yourself in a map with mountains on either side of you called “entrance.” Note: You will have to kill or run around a Maelstrom on this path.

Spelunking for the Pooch

Past the mountains you will find a map with 14 cave entrances. Pick whichever one you like and in the cave, ride the cart to the RD entrance.

Make your way down the RD. The RD will end on a floor with bugbears called the Bugbear Den. Travel through the map until you find an entrance north. There will be many frozen orc generators here and a long puzzle involving barrels and buttons. Keep pushing barrels on to the buttons until you can get to the next map, you will have to run back and forth in a spiral around the room (make sure to break the dirt so you can see all the gates and buttons and barrels). this map will have a fenced area with the dog, pick it up and make your way back down the RD (or relog for a shortcut or take the stairs next to the sign that says 'short cut').

Work back through the wilderness and into Glacier Point proper. Enter the Governor's house, and click on Yamar with the Pooch in hand to solve the quest. Before you quit: You will receive the “Key to the Cty.” Take this key to the Glacier Point bank, unlock the door to the vault, and collect your prize!