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The VIP lounge features a number of special benefits and is accessible to players who have purchased 150 crowns. Note that these crowns must have been purchased; crowns rewarded in-game do not count for this. It is located directly east of Minath's castle. The upper floor is for VIP Status members only.


  • Guest suites for saving your game.
  • A shop with 20% off all items.
  • A Custom DoT with 50% off all portals.
  • A high-roller casino.
  • RDs that start at levels 25, 30, 35 and 40.
  • A VIP room upstairs for players who have purchased 1000 or more crowns. VIPs may freely give each other (and their alts) money and items without restrictions as long as they are both in the VIP room. There is also a level 50 partially wall-less RD.