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List of all Whips.

Name WC Damage type Base Shop Value (gp) Enchantable Spd/dam/dur/acc Rust Hands Effect
Bullwhip.gif Bullwhip 12 Cut 115 Yes Yes No 1
Chain lightning.png Chain Lightning 45 Shock 5000 no no no 1
Devils tail whip.png Devil's Tail 45 cut 10 fire Cut, Fire 5000 no no no 1 Slay tiny
Whip fire.png Ember Whip 15 fire Fire 5000 no no no 1
Whip ice.png Glacier Whip 15 cold Cold 5000 no no no 1
Whip.png Magic Whip 15 + Floor(1.2 * Caster's Death Magic Skill) Magic (Damage) Not for Sale No No No 1
Snakewhip.2.png Snake Whip 16 Cut Yes no No 1 5% Death Resistance

move-speed -10

+2 SP

Whip.png Whip (Weapon) 18 Cut 85 Yes Yes No 1
Fire whip.png Whip of Flames 20 Fire 10000 Yes Yes No One
Multi whip.png Whip of Many Thongs 21 Cut 175 Yes Yes No 1

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