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List of all Wrist items

Name AC Base Shop Value (gp) Enchantable Guild Requirement Effect
Wrist wraps earth.png Acid Wraps 0 16500 Yes Monks Grants 10% Acid Resistance
Bracers.png Bracers 3 8000 Yes
Bracelet.png Chilling Bracelet No +10% Cold Resistance

+1 Strength

+1 Protection

Wrist wraps fire.png Flame Wraps 0 16500 Yes Monks Grants +10% Fire Resistance
Ice-wraps.gif Ice Wraps 0 16000 Yes Monks Grants 10% Cold Resistance
Wrist wraps air.png Lightning Wraps 0 16500 Yes Monks Grants +10% Shock Resistance
Soko Bracers.png Sokoban Wizard's Bracers 5  ? no +10 dodge

-50 move speed

Wrist wraps.png Wrist Wraps 0 6500 Yes Monks +1 protection

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