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Crowns are an in-game currency that players can purchase using real-life money. They can also be obtained as rewards in-game, without spending money. In general, their benefits are meant to save the player's time. There are multiple types of crowns:

Starter Crowns 
Every player starts with some Starter Crowns. They are special from the rest, in that they cannot be used to buy gold but can be directly spent to train skills up the skill's 5th level as long as the character is under level 10. Starter Crowns cannot be transferred to other players nor used to enchant items. When random Crown Showers happen, the awards are in Starter Crowns.
Personal Crowns 
These crowns have almost no restrictions. You can get these crowns as rewards in-game (such as for finding bugs). They are also awarded for solving quests: You get double the quest points in Personal Crowns. Personal Crowns can be given freely to other players, and are often used as payment for services.
Account Crowns 
All of the account's characters can use these crowns. Depending on your platform, they are obtained using the "Buy Crowns" option in the settings, where you can purchase them for real money. For steam this is visible in the top left under Game > Buy crowns. There are a small set of purchases in the game, such as custom sprite eligibility, which require Account Crowns. Account Crowns can also be given freely to other players, but they are converted into Personal Crowns when transferred. They remain Account Crowns if transferred between alts on the same account (email).

When you spend crowns in-game, Starter Crowns are used first, then your Personal Crowns, then your Account Crowns.

Current Rates

$0.99 - 10 Crowns

$3.99 - 50 Crowns (save 19%)

$9.99 - 150 Crowns (save 33%)

$24.99 - 400 Crowns (save 37%)

$49.99 - 1000 Crowns (save 50%)

$99.99 - 2500 Crowns (save 60%)

What do you get when you buy crowns

150 Crown Bonus

After purchasing a total of 150 crowns, players have access to crown lounge bonuses, including:

VIP Lounge Access - lvl 25/30/35/40 RD, high-rollers casino, 20% discount shop, 30% off displayed builder mode costs, and discounted DoT room

VIP Status (1000 Crowns)

  • Crown VIP Training - Located in the VIP Lounge. This an RD that starts at difficulty lvl 50.
  • Giving items - VIPs can freely give items to each other, including to one's own characters (stand next to someone, and type (give "item name" to "character name")
  • Can bling additional N additional items where N is your VIP level. The bling command is cosmetic and shows blinged items when a player examines you closely.
  • Access to larger viewport sizes
VIP Level Total Crowns Purchased Total Bling Items Perks
1 1000 2 Max viewport size increased to 17x15
2 1500 3
3 2250 4 Max viewport size increased to 19x17
4 3500 5
5 5000 6 Max viewport size increased to 21x19
6 7500 7
7 11250 8
8 17000 9
9 25000 10
10 40000 11
11 60000 12
12 90000 13
13 135000 14
14 200000 15
15 300000 16

How to give oneself items

1. Log in to character 1, and go to to your house.

2. Drop the stuff you want to transfer in your house

3. Logout and Log in to character 2, and go into his house, place a 'Visit a Friend' portal (5 gold in builder mode) and visit character 1's house

4. Pick up stuff

You cannot give quest rewards to your other characters.

How to give money to alternate characters

1. drop coin purse

2. loot coin purse

3. follow the above process for transferring items

Looting your coin purse while it's in your inventory automatically restashes the coins into the coin purse.

What you can buy with crowns


You can rent armor or weapon artifacts from Artifact Vending Machines. Currently these last 4 hours.

Cost: 1-3 Crowns each

A few of the most powerful artifacts cost 2 Crowns. They are shown in the price list.

Where: New Verden Adventurers guild or Minath Training Hall

Department of Transportation (DOT) Pass

Grants you unlimited free usage of teleporters for 1 week after purchase. You use these to teleport between cities, etc. Players lvl 25 or higher automatically do not have to pay for DoT usage.

Cost: 1 Crown

Where: clown-looking ATM top right of Minath Auction House


Food that lasts forever. Soul-bound: Cannot be transferred to other alts, even by VIPs.

Cost: 300 Account Crowns

Where: clown-looking ATM top right of Minath Auction House

Blood Orange

Food for the Vampire race that lasts for 9999 bites. Soul-bound: Cannot be transferred to other alts, even by VIPs.

Cost: 300 Account Crowns

Where: clown-looking ATM top right of Minath Auction House

Rod of Recall

Rod that creates a temporary, one-time 'recall' point to return to. Most players use Recall in conjunction with Word of Recall, which sends you back to town.

1. Recall (creates save point)

2. Word of Recall (sends you back to temple of life, or town)

3. Type 'recall' command, to be sent back to save point

Cost: 100 Crowns (500 charges)

pre-HoF Custom Image Use

Players that reach the Hall of Fame (i.e. reach level 25) are able to upload their own custom sprites for no charge. Characters below level 25 must pay for this ability.

Where: New Verden Adventurer's Guild (near bottom right of guild, to the right of the mission board)

Cost: 150 Crowns

Portable Balloon

A custom-designed portable balloon, to traverse the world map.

Cost: 250 Account Crowns

Where: clown-looking ATM top right of Minath Auction House

Once you have purchased a portable balloon, you may submit a custom image for it. See the rules at

Where: Minath Auction House Vending


1. Doubles drop rate of sokoban items in lootsplosions from all sources.

Limited to 1 per person and max of 6. So if 6 people with luckstones are on the map when yojimbo dies, there will be a 6x greater chance of soko items dropping.

2. Increases (doubles) spawn chance of Yojimbo in Random dungeons


Non-curse modification

Modify any item in inventory to be immune from being cursed.

Cost: 1 Crown

Where: Blacksmith shops

Rustproof modification

Modify any item in inventory to be immune from corrosion/rust effects.

Cost: 5 Crowns

Where: Blacksmith shops

Non-damage modification

Modify any item in inventory to be immune from any type of damage (normal wear, rust, corrosion, etc.)

Cost: 5-20 Crowns depending on value of item

Where: Blacksmith shops

Full XP Resurrection

Grants 100% restoration of xp lost from last death.

Cost: variable, depending on how much xp lost

Where: New Verden Hospital, Temple of Life, and most hospitals


Gold pieces, to spend on in-game items.

Cost: variable, depending on level (lvl 50 player gets 37.5 million gp for 1000 crowns, level 25 gets around ~7 million)

Explanation of Crown to Gold Conversion

Where: any ATM

Guild Quest Skip

Allows you to skip guild quest requirement for joining a guild. You still need to pay the 20,000gp fee.

Cost: 25 Crowns

Where: Guild location (join the guild and it will ask you to confirm)


Changes your image to various mobs

Cost: 500-2000 Crowns

Animals/Bugs/Blobs 500 Crowns

Humanoids 750 Crowns

Monsters 1000 Crowns

Dragons 1000 Crowns

Spirits/Undead 1000 Crowns

Bosses 2000 Crowns

Where: Minath Auction House Vending Machine