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Paladins are Holy Warriors reminiscent of the Knights of the Round Table, or the Knights Templar of Medieval times.



  • To gain Guild Experience, you must kill monsters with swords.
  • Must stay Good alignment.


Southwest district of Minath Elion.


Because of the demonic origins of rakshasas and nagas, they are barred from joining the paladins guild. The same is true of dark elves, who stand for everything the Paladin's order is against.

Paladins must watch their Alignment carefully. As a Paladin's alignment goes towards Neutral (from killing good/peaceful monsters and NPCs), they receive increasingly stern warnings from the Guild. When they become Neutral, the special guild bonuses disappear, until the Paladin's alignment returns to Good. A Paladin's alignment will become more good by killing evil monsters but note it is much easier to fall from grace than regain it...

If you become evil enough as a Paladin, you are immediately expelled from the Guild, and you lose all of your guild experience. The experience cannot be restored. If you wish to re-join the guild, you must solve the required quest (if it has changed), and start over as a first-level Page.

Paladins speak in a medieval-sounding dialect. The speech filter is imperfect, but it enhances roleplay and gives Paladins a distinctive "flavor" to their communications.

Humans who join the Paladins Guild get a custom image.

The guild commands are paladinwho and paladintell.

Paladins do not bungle a certain set of spells, including cures, dispels, heals, bless and light. They still bungle resists and their kin (strength, regen), any sort of attack spell, summons, etc.

Level Breakdown

Level Title Stats Skills
1 Page +7% base HP +1 Swords, +5 Life Magic, -10 Death Magic, -5 Evocation, -5 Conjuration, -5 Enchantment, -5 other Magical Elements
2 Squire +7% base HP +1 Swords, +1 Strength, +1 Life Magic
3 Protector/Protectress +7% base HP +1 Swords
4 Guardian +7% base HP +1 Swords +1 Strength, +1 Life Magic
5 Crusader +7% base HP +1 Swords
6 Knight +7% base HP +1 Swords +1 Strength, +1 Life Magic
7 Champion +7% base HP +1 Swords
8 Templar +7% base HP +1 Swords +1 Strength, +1 Life Magic
9 Paladin +7% base HP +1 Swords
10 Paladin Lord/Lady +7% base HP +1 Swords +1 Strength, +1 Life Magic
Total +70% base HP, +10 Swords, +5 Strength, +10 Life Magic, -10 Death Magic, -5 Evocation, -5 Conjuration, -5 Enchantment, -5 other Magical Elements

Player Images

PaladinSprites.png PaladinSprites2.png