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Wyvern offers 3 ways of enhancing your weapons and armor.

  • Upgrading slotted weapons & armor
  • Enchanting weapons & armor
  • Adding mods to weapons, armor, and items

Upgrading Overview

In progress...

Enchanting Overview

Enchanting allows items to gain the enchant stat, which is listed at the beginning of an item's name. Note that player-enchanting is an entirely different stat than enchantments "of <something>", and can only be endowed through the enchantment process. It is now possible to enchant up to +10 (previously enchantments were capped at +7).

  • For armor, enchanting gives 1 more AC per enchantment level, which reduces the amount of incoming damage. For example, if you have 3 items enchanted to +5 you will add between 0 and 15 to your AC due to how damage is calculated. Each enchantment level on armor also gives 1% death protection, increasing the death protection stat to the point where even a monster's death ray spell will not affect you.
  • For weapons, enchanting will simply increase the WC of the weapon by 1 WC per enchantment level. For example, if you have a +5 enchanted weapon, you will add between 0 and 5 to your base damage.

Currently, the recommended method for enchanting is via the Enchanting Machine using a small amount of Crowns.

Enchanting Using Enchanting Machine

The enchanting machine uses crowns to guarantee an enchantment on an item. It does not require any skills, spells, or additional items. Unlike using a spell or scroll, there is no chance to fail the upgrade, or to destroy the item. This makes the enchanting machine much safer than other enchanting methods. Currently there is a machine at New Verden blacksmith and Minath Blacksmith.

Enchanting Machine Cost
Enchant Level Crowns Required
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 10
7 15
8 20
9 25
10 50

Enchanting Via The Enchant Weapon / Armor Spell

To enchant gear you need to have the spell Enchant Weapon or Enchant Armor which will take the base enchant value and attempt to increase it by 1. You can also use scrolls of the desired spells. Using scrolls does not require a gem reagent but always have the effect of some amount of spirit and earth skill, meaning it won't work beyond +1 or +2.

Enchanting has a chance of destroying the item and hurting yourself. For maximum efficiency on enchanting you will need many skill points trained in Spirit and Earth magic. For instance to enchant an item from +2 to +3 with 13 Earth and 7 Spirit gives a 60% chance, and to enchant an item from +6 to +7 with 36 Earth and 35 Spirit suggests a chance of 31 percent.

Cost of Enchanting With Spell

The enchanting spells require a diamond for weapons and a ruby for armor. The gems must have a certain value for the spell to be cast, but otherwise the value of the gem does not affect the success chance. If you have the spell you can find out the cost by casting and choosing an item.

For more details on Enchanting with the Spell, please click here.

Item Mods Overview

In progress...