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Aliases are essentially shortcuts that you can type into the command. Each alias can have up to 4 commands (3 semicolons). When the alias shortcut is a single key, simply pressing that key will invoke the command.

Note that aliases are different from the button-bar in that the button bar has visual shortcuts (buttons), whereas aliases are text-bindings.

Associated Commands

Lists your current aliases
alias <shortcut> <command> 
Creates a new alias
unalias <shortcut> 
Removes the indicated alias

For example, typing in alias fs cast firespray will cast firespray whenever you type in fs.

Other examples:

  • alias fs cast fireball; cast fireball; cast blizzard; cast blizzard will cast all 4 spells successfully (almost at same time, no lag).
  • alias #atmospheres cast bravery; cast resist fire; cast resist petri; cast resist cold will cast all 4 spells when the atmosphere's button is tapped. Note that you don't need to type in full spell names (same with items, etc).

Useful Aliases

There are 3-4 side buttons you can alias: #social (2nd from top left button), #atmospheres (3rd from top left button), #spells (2nd from bottom right button), and #race (hand button) (it's only possible to alias #race if the character's race doesn't have racial abilities, such as Humans and Dwarves. Haflings, Giants, Pixies, Nagas, etc can't alias #race)


  • alias #social shrink; cast minor healing; cast minor healing; grow is very useful for giants to heal efficiently
  • alias #atmospheres autocast speed; autocast resist fire; autocast see invisible; autocast glimpse would be a useful alias to cast all your helpful "atmospheric" spells

You can also alias shortcuts for speaking:

  • alias au auction allows you to much more simply type in the auction channel; by simply typing au wtb xyz, you will shout "[auction] wtb xyz"
  • alias rp reply allows for a shorter reply command
  • alias wtb auction want to buy<code> for a quick solicitation on the auction channel, eg: <code>wtb dsm

Invoking taps with aliases is also possible: alias 5 mouse 6 6 will alias 5 to tap on the character's tile if the viewport is set to 13x13 tiles (an intuitive alias for numberpad users)

More Details

You cannot call aliases from within an alias. For example, if you have:

  1. alias x action 1; action 2
  2. alias y action 3;
  3. alias a x y

Then typing "a" will not run the x nor the y aliases.

You can, however, invoke button bar commands: alias ! button-bar-1 will make shift + 1 use button-bar 1.