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For in-game help, type button-bar into command prompt

Usage: button-bar[ <num> | list | sync | insert | adjust | delete | image ] [args]

'button-bar list' will show your button actions

'button-bar delete N' will delete button at N shifting the rest left

'button-bar insert N' will insert button at N shifting the rest right

'button-bar bar adjust N1 N2' will move button N1 to position N2

'button-bar N <command>' will set a command for button N - (example: button-bar 3 ready rod; apply rod) pressing button 3 will cause the following actions (up to 4 actions, separated by semicolons)

If <command> is "none", it sets the button to have no command.

'button-bar image N <whatever>' will set button N's image to <whatever>. The object whose image you want to use should be near you or in inventory

example monster: button-bar image 10 half orc (you have to be next to a half orc)

example spell 1: button-bar image 10 spell minor healing (you have to have spell learned)

example spell 2: button-bar image 1 spell dragon breath (don't forget 'spell' before the spell name, button-bar image 1 dragon breath won't do anything)

example character: button-bar image char K (will show the letter K as the button - don't forget 'char' before the letter or emoji)

example emoji: button-bar image char <emoji>

reset button: button-bar image 13 none (will reset button 13 to 13)

Delete/reset button alias: button-bar <N> none

example blank: button bar 1 blank

my useful button-bars:

I first (alias btb button-bar), so I can type in btb instead of button-bar everytime I create one.

1. btb 1 drink potion of fire endurance

2. btb 2 drink potion of cold endurance

3. btb 3 shout (this brings up shout dialog so I don't have to type in should in command prompt)

4. btb 4 reply (this brings up reply dialog)

5. btb 5 kill unicorn (some unicorns are peaceful, so I cant just bump into them to attack them)

Someone (Chemistry) offered something useful, using a button-bar to set other buttons

button-bar 9 button-bar 1 <action1> ; button bar-2 <action2> ; button-bar <action3> ; button-bar <action4>