Crypt of Ernzof

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  • Frost girdle.pngRoyal Frost Girdle
  • Hoarfrost.png certain monsters here drop hoarfrost, the reagent for the Frostbite spell

Dungeon Entrance

West of glacier point there is a cave. Apply it
In the north east corner there is a pyramid. Apply it.


Dungeon Overview

This dungeon is complicated, this guide will refer to this map. You may want to open it in a new tab. Ernzof crypt overview 2.png


Starting from A1 make your way North to A5

From A5 head west and advance forward until you reach C4.

Head east to E1 and solve the portal puzzle to get the key. (This is the key for A4 - east door)

Portal order is N, S, E, N, E, N, N

Go back west and go north to C5 and go east to D1.

Fight a dreadclaw and get the key from the corpse. (This is the key for F4 - north door)

Back track to A4.

Unlock the door east and head to F1.

Gargoyle Riddles

First go north to G1 and talk to some gargoyles to get the key (F4 - south).

Question Answer
What lore level is required to learn the spell frost wave? 4
What creature is found at the end of the Mist Temple quest? Demon Lord
The Temple of the Lich is located in what town/city? corran
What skill does Olgar teach in his hut? berserk
How many loot tokens does the boss Yojimbo drop in total when killed? 2000
The Temple of the World is a department of transportation located where? Almien
What command would you use to check who the oldest players currently online are? fogeys
There is 1 city with castle walls that are curved, name it. minath

After getting the key head back south and then east continue forward until you reach F4.

Head south to F5 and fight some dwarves for a key (A5 - north)

Head north from F4 to F6 and fight a Grand Arch Dracolich for a key (H2 - NE)

Head back to A5 and unlock the door to H1

From the north west corner of H1 south side.

Move N, E, N

Go north to H2

From the NE corner, move N, E, S, W, N.

This brings you to the upper section. Now move E, S, W, N, E

Head east to H3 and fight a frozen demon lord for a key. (C5 - north)

Go back west to H2. Move W, S, E

Head back to H1. Move S, E, S, W, S, W

Head to C5 and go north to J1.

Fight the apex banshee and get a key (B2 - south)

Head to B2 and unlock the door south.

Room B3 Letter Puzzle

Room B3 is a push puzzle. Arrange the statues to make a letter in ERNZOF. Note the Z has a line through the middle

Grab a key for the final boss

Puzzle N
Puzzle Z
Puzzle O

Head back to H1

From the northwest corner, move N, E, N

Head to H2.

From the north west corner. Move W, N, W, S, E, N, W, S, W

Head to west to K1

K1 Mirror Puzzle

Move the statues to make them symmetric and grab the key (H1 - east)

Ernzof crypt K1.png
Ernzof crypt K1 solved.png

Head east back to H2, move E, N, E, S, W, S, E

South back to H1

From the north door, move S, E, S, W, S, W

Now from the south side middle square, move N, W, N, E, S, E

Unlock the door and head east to L1

At L1, from the north east corner move N E S E S E N E

Head to L2, from the north east corner move N E S E N E S W N E S W N

Head north to fight the boss and get your Royal Frost Girdle

Reference Screenshots

In case you lose your place. Here are reference screenshots.