Curse of elendal

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Entrance to Curse of Elendal.png

Completion time: 5-10 minutes

Quest points: 15

Difficulty: Easy - Skulls, werewolves, 1 Glabrezou and 1 Hezrou

Requirements: Water breathing or sufficient healing.


A stuffed teddy bear that reacts when it is applied

30 Wyvern Starter Crowns

How to Solve

Navigate to Elendal northwest of Minath Elion. It has 2 pumpkins at the entrance


Follow the maps north and west until you come across a keep. Enter the keep and go one map left (you will see grugs) and then one map north. There will be a staircase in the bottom left - take it downstairs.

Also take note of a log cabin here that is about 2 maps north of the entrance, you will be returning to the cabin to complete the quest.

Follow the path until you reach an underwater map. Take the ladder to the right of the sign in the underwater map. There will be skulls here.

Pull the lever and retrace your steps back out of the keep.


This time keep travelling east and then north until you find a town with dark elves.

In the map before Elendal navigate to the top left and find the hidden entrance. Elendal 2ndlever.png There is an obelisk and a fountain here - enter the fountain and pull the lever.

Go back to the town area and this time go to the top right. In this next map there is a Cathedral that you need to enter.


Go past the 2 gates you lowered with the levers from the previous steps.

Go one map right and enter the stairs down. Follow the path until you come into an area that has seemingly neverending hallways.

You can try to figure out the path yourself here by dropping coins to see where you've been. The correct path should be Up, Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Up. If you get disoriented just go up a few times to reset the puzzle.

The next map has werewolves and 2 high lvl demons. You have to kill everything to proceed.

Pick up the teddy bear in the next map and take the ladder out.

Back track near the beginning to the log cabin where the gravedigger lives. Click on him and complete the quest!