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Davos is a newbie town that is accessible from the world map. There are two low level quests in Davos, as well as a few good training areas for low levels.

How To Get There

Leave New Verdan and follow the King's Road to the west and you will find a dirt road that branches off of King's Road. Follow this dirt road to the town of Davos.


Clockwork Wyvern and Troglodyte Quest are both found in Davos.

Training Areas

North of the main town of Davos is the Ruins of Davos. Here you can continue west into the Goblin Forest or enter the Ruins (The structure that looks like two mossy pillars).

◘Goblin Forest◘ This place is incredibly good for players around level 5-8, especially melee classes that have a few points in strength and their racial melee skill. The extra points in strength are going to help you carry back a lot of loot to sell for gold.

◘Ruins◘ The focus area in the ruins are the two guard towers, one in the bottom left corner and the other in the upper left corner. These towers each have three floors that work the same except for what enemies you find on each floor. You want to find the iron key on the first floor to unlock the center room to gain access to the next floor. Once you have access to the spiral staircase, you can access all three floors. On the second and third floors, you will find a gold key, which can be used to unlock the northern area of both the second and third floors which grants you access to a loot a room. Make sure you sell the gold keys since they are the most valuable item you will find here!