Demon Hordes

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How to Solve

WyvernSource Guide

Go to Iss’rano, which is north east of NV by all the lava and the crevice.


Once in town head to the east where the map starts flickering, then into the next map where it will be all darkened out.

Go into the mansion, you are looking for a grug to talk to. DON’T TAP ON, YOU WILL END UP KILLING IT. It will be a non-aggressive grug. All but this grug will attack out.Kill everything inside except for the grugs, and stand next to each one typing/command line entering "talk" or "talk ring". If you just do "talk" first, the one that you will need will say “The grug whimpers.” "Talk ring" to that one and it will give you a ring with mysterious markings. The grug can appear anywhere there is a grug in the mansion: the basement, first floor or upper floor. If the grug is not in the mansion, look in the darkened map for a crevice that you can enter - it will look like one of the imp generators - the grug will be in there. Additionally the grug may be found in the large hole in the map between the map with the fiery portal and the map with the mansion.

The grug will always be in one of those 3 maps (small crevice, mansion, or dirt hole).

Once you have the ring head east two maps until you find a fiery portal and enter it.


Along the way will be numerous skulls as well as coiling grass traps. Sneaking will disable these and flying avoids them altogether. Having both is probably preferred.

Once you go through the fiery portal there will be a map with more skulls in it and three RDs. Which RD you need is random, but you only need to go down 6-10 levels. If you haven’t found the “lair” by then you are in the wrong RD - go back up the stairs and try a different one. Recall / word of recall doesn't work, so you'll have to traverse the floors back floor by floor.


Once you get to the lair, there will be more skulls as well are fire elementals and some lava, run to the east as far as you can and enter the portal with the “Strange markings.” You won’t be able to enter if you didn’t get the ring from the grug.

Inside you will find the Boss monster, a glass serpent. The serpent will cast blindness a lot, as well as a lightning bolt. He will also cast dragon breath, so have your fire resist ready. He has tons of HP as well as being pretty magic resistant, but you can take him out will a crossbow if needed. Once dead, loot his body to get a “Blackened twisted heart” and return back to the town.

Once in town give the heart to the priest in the church.



Coiling grass traps

Fire Elementals

Boss - a glass serpent

Things to Keep in Mind

The resists that you will need here are fire, paralysis, slow and confusion, maybe some shock too, the most dangerous enemies are skulls and the end boss.

Flying or sneaking will avoid getting trapped in the coiling grass.