Electrinum Slab Mini Quest

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  • Water breathing
  • Shock and Cold resists
  • A naga, tiny race, a high strength player, and a mage. (An archer or someone with sandstorm is highly recommended, if you don't have one it will take a long time to kill the final boss)


  • 8 Electrinum Slabs

Finding Ancient Vesimas

Start in Vesimas and apply the small house east of the inn that is named Gateway to Ancient Vesimas

Electrinum forge 0.PNG

Make sure you have water breathing

Apply the portal.

Electrinum forge 1.PNG

Head north to the next map

Electrinum forge 2.PNG

Electrinum forge 3.PNG

We will refer to this map as Fork 1

Apply this lever in the middle of the map
Apply this lever in the east of the map
Apply this lever in the west of the map. This opens the gate south to Ancient Vesimas
Apply this lever to open the gate to the north. This is leads to the northern power plant where we will find Power Key 1

Head south 2 maps after pulling the levers.

Electrinum forge 7.PNG

Electrinum forge 8.PNG

Head south 2 maps after pulling the levers.

Electrinum forge 7.PNG

Electrinum forge 8.PNG

You are now in Ancient Vesimas

Collecting the power keys

You will need to acquire 3 keys:

After collecting the keys head to the castle

Power Key 1

Starting from Fork 1 (2 maps north of Ancient Vesimas).

Apply this lever to open the gate to the north, if you haven't already.
Head north when the gate is open to reach the Northern Power Plant

Enter the tower and go up 2 floors

Elec slab north plant 2.PNG

Elec slab north plant 3.PNG

Elec slab north plant 4.PNG

Kill the generator and take Power Key 1

Elec slab north plant 5.PNG

Elec slab north plant 6.PNG

Power Key 2

Finding the code

Starting from Ancient Vesimas.

From the south east corner. Head south
Head south again
There is a fork here. Both lead to the same spot. Go west.
Go east.

Tower A is circled, enter.

Elec slab tower a 4.PNG

This is floor 1, head north to the elevator.

Elec slab tower a 5.PNG

In the top right of the elevator. Type floor # to change floors.

On floors 2, 3, and 4 kill the generators and pull the levers to the right.

Elec slab tower a 6.PNG

On floor 4, the gates should now be lowered revealing stairs. Apply them
Head east and up the stairs
Kill the generators and have your naga friend read the sign

Computer House

In the north west of Ancient Vesimas there is a house with a computer.

Elec slab computer 0.PNG

Find the code then enter into the computer (circled in blue).

NOTE: Only nagas can enter this code.

Kill the generator and take the key.

Elec slab computer 1.PNG

Power Key 3

East Power Plant Key

In the centre of Ancient Vesimas next to the castle there is an arcade. This has the East Power Plant Key

Enter the arcade

Elec slab arcade 0.PNG

Go up the stairs

Elec slab arcade 1.PNG

An event is triggered and you will be frozen in place. After the merfolk finish talking you may move again and they will be hostile.

In the east of this map there is a hidden area that you can apply. This will take you down stairs to a hidden room.
Type go down
You will be taken to a secret basement
In the north west corner of the basement is the East Power Plant Key

East Power Plant Generator Key

Starting from Ancient Vesimas.

Head east from the north east corner
Head south
Head east

You will encounter a fork (Let's refer to this as Fork 2).

Blue will lead to the cave on the north side of the east power plant. This contains the East Power Plant Generator Key.

Red will lead to the east power plant main entrance.

Elec slab eastern plant fork.PNG

Starting from Fork 2. Take the blue path to the north.

Head east
Head south and enter the cave
Head south
Head down the stairs
The staircase in this map is special. It is pushable. Push it into the corner and apply to go down the stairs.
The East Power Plant Generator Key is circled in blue. To leave this map push the stairs to the tile circled in red.

Getting the key

Return to Fork 2 and take the red path to the south.

Push the barrel onto this hidden button and head east.
Enter the eastern power plant.
Use East Power Plant Key to open the door.
Go up the north west stairs
Use East Power Plant Generator Key, kill the generator, and take Power Key 3

Raid the castle

Once you have Power Key 1, 2, and 3 head back to the centre of Ancient Vesimas.

Enter the castle
Go down the crevice

Here we must pull two levers to lower the gates.

The right lever can only be reached by a tiny player. (e.g. Pixie, Halfing, Frog).

The left lever requires a player with sufficient strength. A giant or your naga buddy will probably suffice.

Elec slab final 2.PNG

To open this gate, we require 3 players to almost simultaneously step on the 3 buttons at once.

Elec slab final 3.PNG

Here we have a mine cart puzzle.

One player rides the cart, while the others pull the other levers to prevent the cart from returning to the beginning.

Once the player reaches the other side. They pull the lever to open the gate.

Elec slab mine.PNG

Here we must destroy four orbs. We need a mage to destroy them as that is the only way to reach them.

The doors will open automatically after the orbs are destroyed. Go south.

Elec slab orb.PNG

Apply the stairs and you will be taken to this puzzle map.

To make things easier push the stairs onto your team mates.

The final player will push the boulders into a U shape and push the stairs into the U.

Alternatively if the final player is a giant or a naga they can just grow or shift into the stairs.

Elec slab portal.PNG

Kill generators blocking the doors and go north.

Use Power Keys 1, 2, and 3 to open these doors.

Elec slab doors.PNG

You will be temporarily frozen in place. After some text you will be able to move again.

Kill the top right machine with magic.

The machine inside the fences will be killed by an archer or a mage with sandstorm.

Everything else needs to be killed with physical damage.

After killing the mainframe you can grab the slabs. There should be 4 stacks of 2 slabs.

Elec slab boss room.PNG