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Okay guys, I am writing this as a broad overview of healing and recovering from damage to survive in the wonderful (and dangerous) world of Wyvern. In Wyvern, when your hp drops to 0, you die. That is all I am going to write about, keeping your hp above 0 as much as possible, to live long and prosper! So, this guide won't go into how to maximize damage or things like that... Methods: There are 4 main methods to keeping your character alive: Healing skill, Spell healing, Rod healing and Mana shield. I will go in depth on each of these so you can have a better understanding of the game and how to keep different characters alive.

Healing skill

Healing skill directly increases your hp healed per tick. With 0 healing skill, you recover 1 hp every 10 seconds. The 1st point in healing makes you heal 1 hp every 5 seconds, and from there every point in healing skill will increase healing by 2 per 5 seconds. So at 10 healing, you'd recover 19 hp every 5 seconds. At 20 healing, 39 hp every 5 seconds. This is the most standard, cookie-cutter method to surviving. It's a set amount of healing so at certain points as a mid to high level player, you will need to supplement this natural healing with potions of healing at times to adapt to the monsters. 10 healing will work just fine to heal you up as you smash through Shoggoths as a stone giant, but when you're fighting an Arch Dracolich and his 3 summoned Ghasts, you're going to need a lot more recovery than 21 health every 5 seconds. You'll need to either use several potions of heal (full hp, 5k gold cost) or disengage once or twice to let your hp heal (run away off screen, or use a portable hole to hide and not take damage while you heal)

Spell healing

This is a method that uses spells to converts sp to hp, to stay alive. The main healing spells used to maintain your health is Minor Healing and Major Healing. The benefit to spell healing is instant access to hp. Taking more damage than you expected from that Demon Lords Dragon Breath and that Reapers poison right behind you? You have the use of your sp to heal your hp at your will whenever you need it (mostly, more on that later). Spell healing requires that you wear mostly cloth gear, so as not to bungle your spell. If you wear multiple plate items, for example, when you try to cast minor healing whether via smart-heal (the potion icon) or an alias, it will say: You bungle the spell. Cloth and Gold do not bungle. The more bungling gear you wear (bronze, iron, steel, etc.) the higher the odds are of bungling. Some players may get away with 1 metal item, like Gauntlets of power, and only bungle a small percent of your spells, making it manageable to wear without cutting down on your spell healing total (more wasted casts / sp if anything) Skills recommended to spell heal: lore, life magic, incantation, meditation. Lore: you need lore skill and lore points to learn healing spells. Minor healing is lore 1 and costs 1 lore point, major healing is lore 5 and costs 5 lore points. Life magic: this increases the amount of hp healed per healing spell. Generally want to have this between 5-10 for sufficient healing spells, but it's possible to get by with less. Incantation: this reduces the amount of sp used per cast. At 0 incantation, minor healing is 5 sp per cast I believe. The big increments for incantation are 4 or 7. At 4 incantation, minor heal only costs 2 sp per cast, and major heal 4 sp per cast. By 7 incantation, minor heal costs 1 sp and major heal costs 2 sp per cast. Meditation: increases sp gained per tick. Starts at 1 sp recovered at 0 meditation, and goes up by 1 for every level trained. So 10 meditation would yield 11 sp per tick, 20 med would yield 21 sp per tick. Need some of this to keep your sp up giving you more heals, or you could always supplement with mana potions instead of meditation to recover your sp. (note: pixies gain double the benefit from meditation, recovering twice as much sp per tick) Status effects: some status effects make you bungle, namely confusion and fear. When confused or feared, you can bungle even if you're wearing full cloth, and you'll bungle even more if you're wearing metal armor. Best way to address this on a spell healer is ring of Iron Will, which makes you immune to confusion and fear. Time stop: some enemies in wyvern use time stop, which stops players from using any spells, whether an actual spell or rod. This is considered extremely deadly to any healers as your hp simply won't recover since you won't be able to use a spell or rod to heal while in the map of the enemy who has stopped time. These enemies are rare but especially deadly. Note: it is possible to overtrain beyond guild negatives to make a decent healer. For example, monks get -5 life as a guild member. However, I have trained 10 life on my monk, with 7 incantation to boot, and he is a solid spell healer. Same applies to incantation and guilds that give - to that (axeman, caveman).

Rod healing

This is one of the more unique methods, as it is very flexible. Rods do not take into account what type of armor you wear, or status effects. So even if you're decked out in full plate armor and are confused or feared, your rod will still work. The drawback here is the cost in gold and the cooldown, which is 4 seconds per rod per cast. Rods have a set amount of skills, so even if you're a caveman with -10 life magic, when you use a rod of major healing it's like casting it with 5 life magic. Incantation affects rods just like actual spells, so refer to above spell healing part for sp costs. Note: rods do not share a cooldown, so it is possible to have multiple rods of healing to use multiple healing spells regardless of the cooldown. For instance, if you wanted to you could alias all 4 of the changeable macro buttons on screen (smart-heal, #atmospheres, #social, #racial) to use different rods of major healing. Example: alias smart-heal use rod of major healing 1, and use that as your go-to cast. Then alias #atmospheres use rod of major healing 2, and use that in succession to heal after you've used the 1st button. Rinse and repeat for all 4 programmable buttons for maximum healing (4 spells in 4 seconds).

Mana shield

The last method to survive uses the Mana Shield spell to convert your sp to hp. When you use mana shield, whether through the spell (lore 3) or through a potion, it converts a percent of damage you receive into your sp pool rather than your hp. Since your sp is essentially hp now, you'll want to have either plenty of meditation or some mana potions to recover your sp. Usually people will either get some points in healing skill, or pick up minor heal and some life magic to recover hp while mana shielding. Although at a high lvl you'll take majority damage to your sp, your hp does take some on most hits, so it's important to think about hp as well when mana shielding. Potions of mana shield are relatively effective, but for max mana shield you need 7 spirit (for maximum % hp converted to sp). Mind increases the duration of the spell, it starts at 1 minute with 0 mins, and increases by 1 minute for each point in mind. The spirit value of potions is around 5, so it's a fair alternative to the real spell for some builds. In conclusion: so there you have it folks, there's the gist of healing methods in wyvern. What's great about the game is you can really use so many methods on different builds and still be effective. Just pick which one suits your style and needs best and roll with it. And you can always retrain later if you want to change it up :)

by frostneo