January 2017

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  • Stone to Flesh spell now has the right reagents (pixie dust, bone).
  • Hero's Amulet now grants full immunity to fear.


  • Implemented transaction tax for player-to-player sales. Planned here


  • Buyer still pays whatever price the seller is offering it for.
  • Tax is deducted from that price. Seller gets the rest.
  • Seller's merchant skill reduces the tax.
  • The current tax rate computation is very simple. It starts at 75% tax for 0 merchant, and each point of Merchant skill subtracts 2.5% from the tax. So at 10 merchant, the tax is 50%, and at 20 merchant (dwarves only), it's 25%. The tax rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Removed some of the restrictions on player transactions:
    • There is no longer a requirement that you be within 8 levels.
    • You can now auction things you bought from the store.
    • You can re-sell things that you bought at auction.
  • 24-hour cooldown on reselling items instilled.

Max Offer Price

  • The max offer price is the lower of two values: the max-offer cap for your level, and the max offer for the item.
  • If you don't trigger the max-offer cap for your level, you can offer it for up to 1x the shop value at 0 merchant, 2x the shop value at 10 merchant, or 3x at 20 merchant.
  • The max-offer cap for your level is a bit complex, but varies with the mathematical 5th power of your level. You should normally not hit the cap above level 12-15 or so.
  • In order to use this system, just type "offer X for max" and it will tell you the maximum amount you can offer it for.

For much more detail and clarification, please read the Official Notes.



  • Randomly enchanted weapons of +damage adds to max WC for weapon rather than adding magic damage.


The "appraise" command now shows you the actual numeric WC(s) for the weapon if your Blacksmith skill is 8 or higher. May not work for range weapons yet.


  • Enchant Weapon now adds to the max WC for the weapon, rather than adding magic damage.

Official Notes



  • City of Corran is now open on the Minath entrance road. Donated by Zifa.
  • Raised gem prices for enchant armor, depending on enchant level.
    • Enchant tokens are coming soon, maybe tomorrow. They will make it easy to pay enchanters for their services.

rewrote the enchant armor and enchant weapon spells (ported from python to java, to make them more testable and debuggable).


Fixed bug where enchant armor could go to +8.

Official Notes