Laboratory Debacle

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Recommended prerequisites

  • water breathing
  • fire resist
  • ability to do some sort of melee damage
  • xray/glimpse
  • breadcrumbs or other items to drop


  • 25 qp
  • 250 loot tokens
  • Amulet of protection

Finding the lab

Starting from Alaria go east along the mountains

Alaria lab debacle 0.PNG

You will encounter a dirt path that leads to a cave. Enter it.

Alaria lab debacle 1.PNG

Lab Entrance

Go north, you will encounter a guard.

talk yes

Lab debacle entrance 0.PNG

Pick up the key under the plant. (Circled in blue)

Use it to unlock the door and go down the stairs

Lab debacle entrance 1.PNG

Go north one map. This map will be referred to as the starting point.

Lab debacle start.PNG

Finding the keys

Head down the tunnel east

Lab debacle start E.PNG

This map has 3 directions you can go.

First, go north to the earth lab.

Lab debacle elements east.PNG

These doors can be unlocked with knock or lockpicking. Go down the stairs.

Lab debacle earth 0.PNG

Push the barrel onto the button to lower the gates.

Pick up the mithril key (circled in black)

Lab debacle earth 1.PNG

Go down the stairs.

Lab debacle earth 2.PNG

You will see an orange portal.

Stand on top and type stomach

Lab debacle earth 3.PNG

Kill the monsters and take the crystal key.

Lab debacle earth 4.PNG

Go back to the starting point

Head north one map from the starting point

Lab debacle start N.PNG

Head north west. You should see an old maid rambling.

Head west one more map and there will be two paths.

Let's refer to this as West of crazy lady

Lab debacle west crazy lady.PNG

Head west one map and you will be at the storeroom.

Use the mithril key to unlock the door.

Loot the bags to obtain three keys: bronze, ruby, and sapphire.

Assuming no randomization, the bags in the south east area have them.

Lab debacle storeroom.PNG

Return to the starting point.

Head west two maps from the starting point and enter the house.

Brenius is here. Ignore him for now.

Use the ruby key to open the door to the garden and pick up the invisible key.

Lab debacle brenius garden key.PNG

Return to starting point.

Head north back to the map West of crazy lady

Go south two maps to the air lab.

Use the invisible key.

Lab debacle air 0.PNG

Kill the elementals.

Apply the bones to get the wooden key (I'm guessing an assistant died with the key or something here.)

Use the crystal key to open the door south and go south.

Lab debacle air 1.PNG

Kill the elementals. One of them drops a silver key.

Lab debacle air 2.PNG

Return to the starting point

Go west to Brenius's house again.

This time talk to Brenius. The password is basement

He gives you a rusty key.

Go down the stairs under the recycling bin. This map will be referred to as the basement

Use the rusty key to open the door.

Walk on top of the closest chest and type unlock.

Loot the chest and get the lapis lazuli key.

Lab debacle brenius basement.PNG

Return to the starting point.

Head east two maps. You should see a massive chasm.

This is an invisible maze. If you fall you have to traverse a maze to find the stairs back up.

Lab debacle water 0.PNG

Continue east two maps and go down some stairs.

Use the sapphire key to open the door.

Warning underwater map ahead

Head down the stairs

Lab debacle water 1.PNG

Kill the elementals

Use lapis lazuli key to open the door.

Pick up the bottle of mercury under the bureau.

Lab debacle water 2.PNG

Return to the map east of the starting point.

Go north to the earth lab again.

Use the bottle of mercury to open the remaining door.

Pick up the stone key.

Lab debacle earth 5.PNG

Return to the basement.

Use the stone key to open the middle chest. Reminder to type unlock when on the chest unlock

Get the copper key from the chest.

Lab debacle brenius basement.PNG

Return to the starting point.

Head east one map then south.

Continue going forward until you reach a map that looks like this.

Kill the red mold. It is on a no magic zone. So hopefully you brought a decent weapon.

Go through the passage the red mold is blocking and head west.

Lab debacle fire 0.PNG

Use the copper key to open the door.

Lab debacle fire 1.PNG

Go through the map and kill fire elements.

Apply ash piles. You will find a crimson key. I'm guessing an assistant got burnt to a crisp carrying it.

Lab debacle fire 2.PNG

Head back to the map east of the starting point.

Go east again to the water map.

Use the crimson key to open the final door.

There should be a diamond key.

Lab debacle water 3.PNG

Return to the basement

Use the diamond key to open the second door.

The bronze key opens the chest next to the log book.

This chest gives a small amount of gold.

The silver key opens the chest in the south east corner of the room.

This chest will have the emerald and electrinum keys.

Lab debacle brenius basement.PNG

Head back to the fire lab. East, then south of the starting point

Use the electrinum key to open the last door.

Move on the crevice to enter the elemental caverns.

Elemental Caverns

There are four different crevices that you must stumble your way through.

Each crevice has a special item that will allow you to go to the next map.

It is highly recommended that you mark the entrance to all these crevices

First map is the air. You will need to find a flute in the crevice.

Second map is fire. You will need to find a pepper.

Third map is earth. You will need to find a rock.

Fourth map is water. You will need to find a tear. (I'm sure you have plenty by now but alas you need a special one)

After the water map you will see a portable hole.

Apply it. Talk to Rivor. Apply it to exit.

Pick it up

Use the emerald key to open the sewer grate.

Go to Professor Chelinde at the lab entrance and give her the portable hole.