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Currently the steam client is windows only, and does not support Linux or iOS. To install wyvern on linux you will need the standalone client

Since I (Logwad) am the only one that maintains this page, if you have issues with the instructions feel free to contact me via reddit with so I can fix and clarify them.

Installing on Fedora 33

First download the linux installer from

This is a .deb file and is intended for debian's package manager, and is NOT compatible with Fedora as is. I'm assuming that it's going into the ~/Downloads/ folder in your home directory. We will be using the utility Alien to convert the .deb file into something usable but first we need to install it. A fresh install of Fedora KDE will also need libgnome installed, as the wyvern client needs this to be able to open a browser page for google authentication. From the command line run the following (not including the $, which simply denotes running the command from a user account, NOT root):

$sudo dnf install alien libgnome

Create "wyvern" folder in a "games" folder in your home directory.

$mkdir -p ~/games/wyvern

This next command will convert the the .deb into an .rpm. It will give a warning about scripts, which we don't care about or want. The command will take a while to run and finish, so be patient.

$cd ~/games/wyvern/ && alien --to-rpm ~/Downloads/wyvernlinuxclient_4.0.1-1_amd64.deb

If you just receive the message "bash: /home/log/games/wyvern/: Is a directory", then remove the "$" at the front of what you copy/pasted and try again.

The .rpm file that is produced is NOT installable. You have two options, you can manually open the .rpm file with the graphical tool called Ark, or you can unpack it with dtrx. Fedora does not come with dtrx natively, but you can easily install it with pip:

$pip install dtrx

$dtrx wyvernlinuxclient-4.0.1-2.x86_64.rpm

Finally you'll find the executable at ~/games/wyvern/wyvernlinuxclient-4.0.1-2/opt/wyvernlinuxclient/bin/WyvernLinuxClient

Creating a shortcut is recommended.


When running the client from the command line various information is spit out, including errors. This could potential be helpful if a change is causing persistent crashes. The following command will run the game and save the output to a log file found in the the same directory as the client executable.

$cd ~/games/wyvern/wyvernlinuxclient-4.0.1-2/opt/wyvernlinuxclient/bin/; ./WyvernLinuxClient |& tee wyvern_cli_output.log

Installing on Debian distributions

Installing on a debian distribution is simple just download the installer and install with apt using the following command:

$sudo apt install ~/Downloads/wyvernlinuxclient_4.0.1-1_amd64.deb