Lord Rhain's Manor

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Start from the ruins of samhoc. Head northwest.
Apply the building.
Head north in the forest map until you reach the manor. This map is start on the mini map.


Dagger sanguine.pngSanguine Dagger



Overview map of all the rooms. Use this as a reference for the rest of the guide.


Head to room 3. To get the first key. Backtrack to room 1 and open the door west.
Note that this room is room 6. Follow the red arrow path down and head to room 12.
Grab the second key and return to room 6.
Open the door north circled in blue and head to room 4.
Grab the third key and return to room 6.
Follow the green arrow up and head to room 10.
Grab the third key and return to room 6
Follow the red arrow down and head to room 12, open the door north and proceed.

Step Puzzle

The tiles flip from orange/blue and vice versa when stepped on. Make them all orange then pull the lever to open the path north. Head north to the next map.

Boss Room

Boss fight. Monsters have sandstorm. This is going to hurt if you don't have much AC or Cut Resistance. Loot the amulet from the boss and head north.

Reward Exchange

Tap the npc to exhcange the amulet to get a Sanguine Dagger