May 2018

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  • 100 new builder-mode items -- mostly chests/crates, potted plants, and indoor items like computers and TVs.

Official Notes



  • Added a Luxury Tax for auctioned items worth 250k or more. This change does not affect any item under 250k gold.

Tax is computed by a continuous function that's hard to describe, but it starts out high and then grows more slowly as the item price increases. It winds up being about 20% tax for items worth 1M (no merchant).

This change is to help keep gold scarce (a core value of the game) and also put a damper on obvious money transfers that are happening.
  • You now get your shouting rate throttled based on your total number of warnings from others, and the number of players online currently ignoring you. The calculation for the shout cooldown, which will no doubt be tuned over time, is 10 seconds for every 100 warnings you've received, plus 10 seconds for everyone online who is currently ignoring you.
  • Must have solved Odin's Eye in order to use the quest items it grants.
  • You can now only wear one Ring of EP at a time.
  • Shop price of the demigod coins in half, to 5M/10M.


  • Fixed a bug where it said Unknown Quest.
  • Yojimbo is back after he was accidentally removed for a day.
  • Setting blocking terrain as the default for builder-mode maps now removes the "blocking" property of the terrain, so you can go into the map.
  • Fixed a 20-year-old bug where you were invisible on login if you saved facing diagonally.
  • Fixed "disguise off" for the vanity disguisers.

Official Notes


New Items

Vanity Items

  • Invizzer: an item that lets you become completely invisible (no image at all).
  • Boom box: a portable jukebox that lets you set the music in any map.
  • Private Jet: lets you travel instantly to any of 30-ish predefined locations.
  • Care package dispenser: send care packages to new players, if you like that kind of thing.
  • Disguisers: six new items that let you change your look temporarily to various monsters and NPCs.

Official Notes