New Verden

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New Verden


New Verden is the city where all new characters start out in right after they complete the tutorial. This city also houses low difficulty quests such as Rachel's Misbehaving Cat and Garignor's Amulet.

Places of Interest


The hospital is located at the bottom left of New Verden. It is southwest of the Wyvern Tutorial and west of the cathedral.

Health and mana can be restored by applying the respective fountains.


The cathedral is in between the hospital and the tavern. Players can go inside to use their skill points on Spirit Travel.


The New Verden tavern houses Rosie, the Unarmed Combat trainer. Players may also buy beer for 5gp or a rental keg for 5000gp.

Maximum Security Prison

Players who break the law are sent to prison. The most common form of a player getting sent to prison is assaulting a friendly NPC or creature. For example, it is illegal to attack the butterflies in New Verden.

Kyalami's Memorial Tower

Garignor's House

Newbie House

The Newbie house is great for new players starting out. The house contains number of floors, each housing a different monster.

Floor Monster
1 Rats
2 Zombies
3 Kobolds
4 Orcs

Rachel's House