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Name Item Slot AC Petrification Resistance Bungle Guild Requirement Effect
Black dragon scale mail.png Ancient Black Dragon Scale Mail Chest 100 100% yes 100% Acid Resistance

100% Petrification Resistance

Gorgon shield.png Gorgon shield Shield 20 100% yes 100% Petrification Resistance
Cloth earth.png Ji of the Xorn Chest 10 75% No Monks Grants the wearer +50% Acid Resistance

Grants the wearer +75% Petrification Resistance

Medusa armor.png Medusa Armor Chest 0 35% No -20 move speed

35% Acid Resistance

35% Petrification Resistance

35% Poison Resistance

+5 dodge

-20% Cut Resistance

-20% Stab Resistance

25% Vulnerability Fire

Purple dragon mail.png Purple Dragon Scale Mail Chest 50 100% yes Grants the wearer immunity to petrification. (100% Petrification Resistance)
Ring ep.png Ring of Enhanced Protection Ring -35% 25% Fire Resistance

25% Cold Resistance

25% Shock Resistance

25% Acid Resistance

-35% Petrification Resistance

-35% Death Resistance

Ring6 earth.png Ring of Petrification Resistance Ring 25% 25% Petrification Resistance
Earthrobe.png Robe of Rubble Chest 5 25% No +25% Petrification Resistance

+1 earth

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