Random Dungeons

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Random dungeons are procedurally generated maps found all around Wyvern. Typical RDs feature random monsters in a room, with 7-15 rooms per floor. The level of monsters and difficulty increase the deeper you go.

Monsters whose level is 21+ are now spread out much further in RDs. Here is the new spread:

Up to RD level 20: max mon level == RD level

RD levels 21-24: max mon level = 20

RD levels 25+: start seeing level 21 monsters

RD levels 30+: start seeing level 22 monsters

RD levels 35+: start seeing level 23

Levels 40+: start seeing level 24

Levels 50+: start seeing level 25 (reaper, riagor)

Levels 60+: level 26 (angel, kirin)

Levels 70+: level 27 (dreadclaw)

Levels 80+: level 28 (onryo, acid hydros)

Levels 90+: level 29 (jabberwock)

Levels 100+: level 30 (demon lord, archangel)