Scavenger hunt

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Start the mission at the King's Road Inn mission board.


  • 100 loot tokens

Item Locations

Beach ball

Go to the hotel on the Isle of Maiye.
Head to the north west corner of the hotel and head west to the gift shop
Buy a beach ball for 300gp


Can be purchased in the Isle of Maiye board walk in the north shop.

Stand next to the corndog and type buy corndog

Can be found randomly in monster drops, loot machines, and login bonus.

Demonblood Wine

Head north starting from Corran
Head east
Enter the arena, circled in blue.
Buy the Demonblood Wine for 250gp


Earmuffs can be found uncommonly in armor shops.

Hot Cocoa

Start from Glacier Point and head east
Continue east
Head south to the tavern.
Buy Hot Cocoa for 5gp

Iron Slab (5)

In Vesimas on the west side enter the crafting shop
Buy the iron slabs

Master's Lockpick

Purchase at a general store for 1000gp.


In Beitdag, enter Freda's Fruits and Vegetables
Stand next to the fruit stall and type buy pear

Pink Pacifier

Follow the directions to get the Robe of Creation

Apply the toy box
Pick up the Pink pacifier

Pink Rose Vase

On the Isle of Maiye head to the board walk by applying the lighthouse.
Head west
Enter the flower shop
Head north, pull the lever, and buy the pink rose vase.

Pirate Flag

In Oxbow, push the boulder in the first map and apply.
Head east down the tunnel
Buy the pirate flag

Princely Cloak (Blessed)

Can be found in armor shops. They also are commonly dropped by vampires.

Purple Wildflower

At the Isle of Maiye enter Ian's Wildflower Patch
Stand on top of the purple wildflower plants and type pick flower

Ram Staff

Follow the directions to get the Robe of Rubble.

In the same map as the robe there is an illusionary wall that you can pass through. Pull the leave in the south west.
Head east past the lowered gates and pick up the ram staff


In Beitdag, enter the Fishmonger's stand
Stand next to the salmon and type buy salmon

Spellbook of Spirit Spy

In the middle of Vesimas there is a special magic shop. Enter it
Buy the spellbook of spirit spy

Tuna Sashimi

Go to Henteko. Most of the houses have free food.
Pick up the tuna sashimi