Sneaking (Skill)

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The sneaking skill reduces the radius at which monsters will notice you. More powerful monsters are more difficult to sneak past, meaning you may be able to be right next to an orc, but a skull could still see you three or four tiles away.

When a monster doesn't notice you, you can safely move past them, but as soon as you bump into them or attack them, they will permanently notice you. If you slip by a monster without them hitting you, they can 'forget' they saw you and may continue along as normal.

The sneaking skill costs 2,000 gold per level to train - the first trainer players are likely to meet is in the New Verden training hall basement.

The Ninja Guild gains bonuses to sneaking skill per guild level.


Certain races have innate bonuses or penalties to the sneaking skill. In addition to this, each race has its own maximum skill cap for the sneaking skill. The Leopard Rakshasa is the race that can train the most in the sneaking skill.

Name Skill Max. Innate Bonus
Halfling 12 +3
Humans 10 -
Dwarves 10 -
Dark Elves 10 +2
Wood Elves 10 +2
High Elves 10 +2
Pixies 12 -
Nagas 7 -
Leopards 15 +3
Lions 10 +1
Panthers 12 +4
Tigers 10 +1
Fire Giants 5 -
Frost Giants 5 -
Stone Giants 5 -
Storm Giants 5 -