Storm Giants

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Storm Giants are a race of large humanoids. They are immune to electrical attacks, fly, and naturally skilled at casting air and shock spells.


Statistic Value
Hit Points 80
Hit Points per Level 10
Spell Points 30
Spell Points per Level 3
Base Strength 180
Skill Points per level 3
Skill Level
Blades 4
Earth Magic -2
Fire Magic -2
Water Magic -2
Air Magic 4
Mind Magic -2
Spirit Magic -2
Life Magic Magic -2
Death Magic -2
Incantation -1
Conjuration -1
Enchantment -1
Evocation 0
Lore 1




  • Immune to shock.
  • C fly/land with the "fly" and "land" commands.
  • Giant, and can only wear giant armor.
  • Can wield two-handed weapons with one hand.
  • Giants can only train 5 points in the Sneak skill.