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The following is a list of things not quite FAQ worthy, but are probably helpful for you to know on your quest through Wyvern!

The Goods

  • The adventurer's guild in NV has a quest section on your left when you first enter the building. Inside is a magical orb that will tell you what quests you've completed.
  • You can add more custom buttons in your task bar, sliding to the left will reveal more buttons to tinker with.
  • Hey here's a fun one; find anything useful in the game that isn't here? you can add more tips here too!

Healing Basics

Healing spells and Healing rods use the art called Incantation. Incantation will reduce the mana cost of either spell or rod. 7 Incantation will reduce minor healing cost to 1 mana and is basically all the Incantation you will need for healing purposes. If you plan on using rods you wont need to learn any life magic as all rods do not use your characters element skills...

Healing spells will require Life Magic and even tho you can cast with 0 Life Magic you might want to get 5 Life to ensure potency. Smart-heal will use rods first if you have and spells secondly by default.

Minor Healing will "trigger" the instant you loose 1 hp

Medium Healing will "trigger" when you loose about 1/4 of your hp

Major Healing will "trigger when you loose a little more than 1/2 hp

Trigger meaning smart-heal wont use the spell unless your hp value reaches a point no matter how much you spam. I usually unlearn minor healing later on simply because it can be a waste of mana. Work in progress!!

Login Tips

-These are activated and deactivated via the in-game command "tips":

If your app exits unexpectedly, your player remains in the game and you can reconnect.

Eating a carrot will cure your blindness. Smart Heal will eat one automatically.

Darksight can significantly cut down on lighting-model lag on older devices.

Cursed items will sometimes fail to work properly.

There is a secret Pixie town south of New Verden, past the ruins.

Explore new areas right after you level up -- dying has no penalty then.

You can type "drop all <whatever>" to drop only items matching <wathever> in your inventory.

Time advances in Wyvern 12 times faster than real time. A Wyvern day lasts 2 hours.

Your characters are allowed to help each other as much as you like.

You can specify the Nth item to operate on with a numeric arg, e.g., "put sword 2 in bag 3".

The Dodge skill makes you harder to hit, even for magical attacks.

Davos is a popular town for beginning players, levels 3 to 5. It is connected to New Verden via a tunnel between wells in the towns.

You can change the capitalize of your name (e.g., YourName) with the "capname" command.

You can turn "autoattack on" from your Commands menu to approach and attack neutral monsters automatically.

Most skills have caps between 10 and 20 points. Weapon and Element skills can be trained up to your level.

Wyvern has nearly 140 learnable spells. There are another 30 or so that are only cast by monsters.

The row of buttons across the bottom of the Android app is the "button-bar" and is fully customizable, including activities like "ready fireball".

The startup command lets you automatically prepare your adventurer each time you log on by readying a weapon or turning on autocasting for a spell.